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Behind the Scenes of the Next TKC Episode with Kevin Eagan

In this screencast, you will see how I use Logic Pro 9.1.8 to edit the weekly TKC interview and how I prepare my script in Evernote. This week I spoke with Kevin Eagan, creator and editor of the Critical Margins blog and newly launched podcast. If you are interested in books, technology, and reading I recommend […]

After the Interview: How Planned Questions Turn Out to be More Safety Net than Map

I just finished my Skype interview with Kevin Eagan, creator of the Critical Margins blog and podcast, for the next Kindle Chronicles episode. To follow up on last night’s post about my preparation for the interview, I thought I would share here the list of questions that I used during our 20-minute conversation. Here they are: […]

Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Kindle Chronicles Interview

Tomorrow’s interview with Kevin Eagan, editor of the writerly and smart Critical Margins blog, will be my 294th interview for The Kindle Chronicles. Kevin is a repeat customer, having been my guest for TKC 204 in June of 2012. Each time I prepare to talk with someone for 15 or 20 minutes for the show, I […]