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Apr 28, 2018

Longtime Kindle Chronicles listener

Interview starts at 18:14 and ends at 43:00

“It was very clear what was missing [in Seattle’s Amazon Go store]. There was no Kindle, no Fires, no place to scan and order one. Maybe that’s because you can just walk out, and they figure if they’re going to lose inventory they...

Apr 21, 2018

Author of Feast: True Love in and out of the Kitchen

Interview starts at 15:50 and ends at 41:48

“It’s not that I sought out to be published by Amazon. It was that Amazon happened to be the people who believed in me and my book, and they’ve been so wonderful to work with. I do feel also that Little A is a...

Apr 13, 2018

Creator of the Kindle Classroom Project

Interview starts at 15:29 and ends at 43:19

“I don’t think that the Kindle makes reading any more fun, but a lot of students--especially 9th Grade boys who have been turned off of reading, they get a Kindle, and the Number One thing that they do is they bump up that text size,...

Apr 7, 2018

Author of The Punishment She Deserves: A Lynley Novel

Interview starts at 12:25 and ends at 36:50

“The late Sue Grafton said something to me that was really helpful on time. I was talking about difficulty I was having in the book with a character. She said to me, ‘If you know the question, you do know the answer.’...