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TKC 453 Bufo Calvin in Virtual Reality

Creator of I Love My Kindle and The Measured Circle Interview starts at 6:14 and ends at 43:10 “It would also be able to know what your preferences are–that’s one of the biggest things about what we’ll see eventually with Virtual Reality. So for myself as a vegetarian, I could walk down that virtual aisle […]

TKC 413 Publishing Visionary Jane Friedman

Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive Publisher of Open Road Integrated Media   Interview starts at 15:17 and ends at 44:11 I do not think that the world of print survived and now will thrive at the expense of eBooks. I think eBooks will coexist with print, which I think is the best of all possible worlds. […]

TKC 372 Amazon Fall Product Launch

Links related to Amazon’s 2015 Fall Product Launch in San Francisco Amazon news releases on the new $50 Fire tablet, the new Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 tablets, new Fire Kids Edition, new Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Fire TV Stick with voice remote The new Fire Tablets and Fire TV lineups […]

Kindle Software Updates are Available

Finally! I am updating my Kindle Voyage software as I type, to 5.6.5. This will install the stylish Bookerly font to my E Ink reader, as well as new Smart Lookout features for highlights, notes, and sharing quotes. There will also be subtle but kinda cool improvements in typography and layout–ligatures and kerning, anyone?–but only […]

Under the Hood of Kindle’s New Typesetting Engine

I am no expert on kerning or ligatures, but I am impressed at the typesetting sophistication evident in Kindle’s new typesetting engine, coming within weeks to the new Paperwhite 3, as well as to the existing Paperwhite 2 and Voyage. In this nine-minute video, I show you what these improvements will look like when they arrive in […]

Kindle’s Summer Surprise: Hot New Paperwhite for Same Price

I didn’t see this one coming. Amazon this morning announced a brand new version of its flagship Kindle, the Paperwhite, available for pre-order now with shipments beginning June 30. They’re calling it “New Kindle Paperwhite.” Its screen resolution is 300 pixels per inch (ppi), an impressive upgrade–more than twice the pixels– from the current 212 ppi screen. At […]

TKC 346 Eric Migicovsky at SXSW

Founder and CEO of Pebble Technology Corp. Interview starts at 7:54 and ends at 19:50 What we found is that as long as you’re open, and the watch is an open platform, people will hack on it, people will build. So there’s actually a Windows Phone for Pebble, there’s a Blackberry app. I’ll have to […]

First Impressions of the New Kindle Lineup

As my flight from New York approaches Denver International and the media embargo ends, I want to share impressions from today’s Amazon’s media demonstration of the new Kindles. My group of about 12 journalists—one of several such gatherings throughout the day—convened at Milk Studios, 450 West 15th Street, for a little more than two hours […]

TKC 298 Molly Hawthorne

Retired Special Ed Teacher and Kindle Reader Interview starts at 19:42 I read The New York Times Book Magazine on Sundays, and I belong to a book group, and there are suggestions there. If I come across anything in the newspaper or whatever, then I check it out. The nice thing is I can get […]

Liveblog of Amazon NYC Press Event on New Video Service

This is my liveblog of Amazon’s press event Tuesday, April 2, 2014 in New York City to announce a new video business. If you have arrived here but don’t see the live posts, click once on the headline above to reveal them. Thanks for following along, and please feel free to spread this link to […]