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An Author’s Guide to Goodreads at BookExpo America – Liveblog

Next up: Patrick Brown, director of author marketing at Goodreads, and Bella Andre, author of Always on My Mind: The Sullivans . Patrick has run customer service at Goodreads, now focuses on helping authors find books via Goodreads. Bella Andre wrote for three traditional publishers and in 2010 began publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing. She has […]

Patrick Brown of GoodReads -Liveblog from BookExpo America

“I thought I would get this out of the way early,” Patrick Brown says to laughter as a slide appears stating “Goodreads & Amazon.” He is beginning a session on how authors can use Goodreads. He reaffirms CEO Otis Chandler’s promise that Goodreads is for all readers, no matter how you read. “That is going […]

Otis Chandler Inteview – Video Excerpt

I wasn’t able to record video of my entire conversation with Otis Chandler on April 11, 2013, because the Skype connection was dropping out, and I wanted to preserve as much audio quality as possible for use on the podcast. This video captures the first few minutes of the interview. For the complete interview with […]

TKC 245 Otis Chandler

Founder and CEO of Interview Starts at 9:43 Goodreads is a place today for readers of all platforms, no matter how they read the book–whether it be a Kindle or Nook or a physical book, etc., to share what they thought of the book and find new books. And that’s not going to change. I think […]

Welcome to the Goodreads Kindle Chronicles Group!

I just created a new group at Goodreads named The Kindle Chronicles, and I hope you will join it! I am confident that the acquisition of Goodreads by Amazon is going to bring exciting innovations to the Kindle experience. Setting up a Goodreads group will be, I hope, a way to participate in and learn […]