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Patrick Brown of GoodReads -Liveblog from BookExpo America

“I thought I would get this out of the way early,” Patrick Brown says to laughter as a slide appears stating “Goodreads & Amazon.” He is beginning a session on how authors can use Goodreads. He reaffirms CEO Otis Chandler’s promise that Goodreads is for all readers, no matter how you read. “That is going […]

Otis Chandler Inteview – Video Excerpt

I wasn’t able to record video of my entire conversation with Otis Chandler on April 11, 2013, because the Skype connection was dropping out, and I wanted to preserve as much audio quality as possible for use on the podcast. This video captures the first few minutes of the interview. For the complete interview with […]

TKC 245 Otis Chandler

Founder and CEO of Interview Starts at 9:43 Goodreads is a place today for readers of all platforms, no matter how they read the book–whether it be a Kindle or Nook or a physical book, etc., to share what they thought of the book and find new books. And that’s not going to change. I think […]

Welcome to the Goodreads Kindle Chronicles Group!

I just created a new group at Goodreads named The Kindle Chronicles, and I hope you will join it! I am confident that the acquisition of Goodreads by Amazon is going to bring exciting innovations to the Kindle experience. Setting up a Goodreads group will be, I hope, a way to participate in and learn […]