TKC 488 Esmeralda and Richard deTrafford

Esmeralda and Richard deTrafford of Geraldton, Australia

Interview starts at 16:35 and ends at 40:26

“I don’t see any Amazon drones being launched here [in Australia], and I’m sure CASA [Civil Aviation Safety Authority] would have something to say about that. They’re coming up with rules for drones and some of that stuff. So I don’t see that happening here any time soon.”


“Australian retailers rally as Amazon gets cool reception” by Byron Kaye at Reuters – December 4, 2017

“Amazon Australia has changed its webpage title to say it no longer just sells books” by Tony Yoo at Business Insider – December 4, 2017

“Amazon’s Weak Australia Launch is Great for eBay” by Wayne Duggan at U.S. News & World Report – December 7, 2017

“Don’t call it ‘Siri’: Why the wake word should be ‘computer’” by Stephen Harrison at Salon –

November 26, 2017

Cozmo by Anki

Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Max Tegmark

“Amazon Alexa Prize Competition winner takes home $500,000 prize” at DayOne, the Amazon Blog – November 29, 2017

Interview with Richard and Esmeralda deTrafford

Geraldton, Australia

The Australian Accent (YouTube)

That’s Not a Knife (You Tube)

Myer Market

Shipster by Australia Post



Kindle First is now Amazon First Reads

“Bill Gates gives us his top 5 favorite books for winter reading” at Boing Boing

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James McQuivey, vice president and principal analyst, Forrester Research

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