TKC 411: Katie Donelan, Kids’ Books & Trump at BEA

Katie Donelan

Director of Business Development at BookBub
Interview starts at 5:64 and ends at 16:18
BookBub definitely got off the ground with self-published authors. They’re often the first people in the industry to experiment with a new marketing channel, and they were much more comfortable discounting their books four years ago than a lot of traditional publishers were. Over the course of the past four years we’ve started working with all the major publishers, and we’ve gotten to the point where it’s fifty-fifty. We’ve actually maintained that breakdown for a while now, and we’re very comfortable with it.
“Amazon’s Third Bookstore Will Be in Portland” by Leena Rao at Fortune – June 15, 2016
Interviews at BookExpo America
Katie Donelan, Director of Business Development at BookBub (5:64 to 16:18)
     “Introducing BookBub New Release Alerts” at BookBub blog – January 4, 2016
David Hemphill, publisher of Coralstone Press (16:54 to 24:26)
     The Good Dog by Todd Kessler, illustrated by Jennifer Gray Olsen
     The Good Dog and the Bad Cat by Todd Kessler, illustrated Gray Olsen (available for pre-order, delivery on September 1, 2016)
     Blue’s Clues on Nikolodeon (Amazon Prime Instant Video)
Christina York, co-founder and CEO of Spellbound (24:46 to 29:26)
Scott Dikkers, founder of The Onion (29:27 to 39:53)
     Trump’s America: The Complete Loser’s Guide by Scott Dikkers – available in Kindle, paperback, and audio formats
     The Comedy Insider Podcast, a serious conversation about comedy – hosted by Scott Dikkers (See Episode 13 for the Andy Borowitz interview)
Tech Tip
“Kindle firmware v5.8.1: It’s all about dots and sharing” by Chris Meadows at TeleRead – June 16, 2016
“Five Curious Ways to Find New Books to Read” by Mihir Patkar at MakeUseOf – June 14, 2016
Next Week’s Guest
Jane Friedman, chairman of Open Road Media

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