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hbCreator of the Fiona Griffiths crime series
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Whoever heard of a retailer offering 70 percent royalty? It’s never happened before. How’s that not a good thing for authors? So I just think the Authors United group are bananas, quite frankly. And I think there is increasingly a swell of opinion among authors—not amongst yet the more traditional structures—but there is a sort of side movement thinking, “Hang on. Amazon actually offers us quite a lot. 
“The Rise of Phone Reading” by Jennifer Maloney at The Wall Street Journal – August 12, 2015
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Cotard’s Syndrome (Wikipedia)
Review of This Thing of Darkness by John Cheal at Crime Review – July 4, 2015
“The Best Romances of August” by Adrian Liang at The Amazon Book Review – August 7, 2015
“10 Best Novels by Poets” by Naja Marie Aidt at Publishers Weekly – August 7, 2015
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