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Founder of Write Our World

Interview starts at 19:15 and ends at 39:47

The necessity of writing a book requires that they talk to the elders in their communities or other people who can help them, so it’s really a wonderful language-building, literacy activity.



“Four of the big five have new deals with Amazon and only the biggest is still to negotiate one” by Mike Shatzkin at The Shatzkin Files – April 24, 2015

“Genies, vampires and fan fiction give Wattpad a lead against Amazon” by Gerrit de Vynck at The Globe and Mail – March 3, 2015


Tech Tips

How the Back button differs on the Kindle E Ink models and the Fire.

How to extend a highlight across pages on the Voyage.

Embarrassing questions from listener Mark Roberts, who is doing a notable Periscope experiment comprising daily Bible readings in real time. You can follow them by using his Twitter handle, @Mark44Roberts.


Interview with Julie Carey

Book Creator blog and home page

Blog post by Julie Carey at Book Creator site


Diné Bizaad app for Navajo keyboard

Flat Connections led by Julie Lindsay

Write Our World campaign at Indiegogo – Please consider a donation!

Posner Center

Gerard Strong profile in Westword

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Penguin Random House’s spiffy new readers’ web site

A very well done author interviews podcast at the PRH site, Beaks and Geeks

Open Road Media’s new Feed Your Need to Read section

Next Week’s Guest

Author, thinker, and speaker Douglas Rushkoff


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