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TKC 260 Eric McLuhan

Author and his dog, Finnegan Interview Starts at 11:07 I see the alphabet as disappearing, the alphabet itself. It’s designed for something else.  We don’t have a need for the kinds of sensibility that it provides. That is, our new situation doesn’t say, “We need this alphabet. We need this way of imagining the world, of […]

TKC 259 BookExpo America

BookExpo America 2013 panel on Self-Publishing Starts at 10:12 I actually think disruption is the best defense for publishing. Self-publishing is turning out to be a potential boon for publishers, because you can sit there and watch people market themselves, share their ideas, see which things gather any kind of momentum in the marketplace, and then make […]

Neil Gaiman’s Wonderful, Accidental Myth: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Neil Gaiman’s new novel, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, surprised him by being a novel at all. At BookExpo America (BEA) on June 1 he told a room full of adoring fans that the story began as a short story, then morphed into a novelette, then a novella. He eventually had to send this awkward […]

TKC 258 Jamie LaRue

Director of the Douglas County (Colo.) Libraries Interview Starts at 14:08 Now we have over 900 publishers who have said yes. That’s translated for us to about 22,000 [eBook] titles that we’ve purchased so far. We still have about 14,000 that we’re “buying,” meaning renting from 3M and Overdrive and the people that are restricting our […]

TKC 257 Andrew Richard Albanese

Senior writer and features editor at Publishers Weekly Interview Starts at 13:42 Heavy eBook consumers still do like their E Ink readers, and that’s a significant part of eBook sales. The fact that Apple only has the iPad and the iPhone and etc.–it only has these backlit devices–they’re only serving one part of the eBook market. […]

No Kidding: David Foster Wallace’s Massive Infinite Jest is on sale for $1.99 today

The late David Foster Wallace’s sprawling novel–all 1,092 pages of it–is available today for $1.99 as part of the Kindle Daily Deal. It was first published in 1996, and I remember buying a paperback copy of it at the Tattered Cover Book Store here in Denver. I can remember where it was on display, at […]

TKC Guest Gabra Zackman Featured in New York Times Article

I was delighted today to catch up with a New York Times feature that ran on June 29th, because it highlighted the work of Gabra Zackman, the actress and narrator who was my guest on the last Kindle Chronicles podcast, TKC 256. The headline is “Actors Today Don’t Just Read for the Part. Reading IS the […]