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Amazon Gives WorldReader an Awesome Gateway to Awareness today is giving one of the most visible spots on the Internet to WorldReader, the nonprofit that is distributing Kindles to students throughout the developing world. When you click on you will see a headline stating “For Kids in Africa, a New Way to Learn” and information about the program. David Risher, CEO and […]

Reading Books and Feeding Minds One Kindle at a Time: Cross-Post of my Kindle Nation Daily Column on WorldReader

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily Link October 26, 2012 It is difficult to imagine how much an eReader like the Kindle can change the life of a student in sub-Saharan Africa. I know that the Kindle has improved the way I read in deep and satisfying ways, adding convenience and a more intimate engagement […]

Kindle Tutorial: How to Touch a Paperwhite

This video tutorial takes about eight minutes to show you some tips for easy navigation of the Kindle Paperwhite’s touch screen. I had new users in mind when I prepared this, emphasizing the different actions that result from a tap or a tap-and-hold, as well as how to highlight and how to make a screenshot. […]

TKC 221 David Risher

News – 1) Amazon reports disappointing earnings. 2) Kindles arrive at Waterstones in the U.K. 3) Apple unveils the iPad Mini. Tech Tips – The Kindle Fire HD gets updated software, version 7.2.1. “How to Touch a Kindle Paperwhite” will be the title of the video I plan to make soon with tips on using the touch […]

Guven Witteveen Shows How Kindle Publishing Can Open Doors to the Past

Anthropologist Guven Witteveen last week opened my eyes to how much Kindle-accessible history is coming our way through volunteer projects like one he undertook for his local historical society. I met with Witteveen for the Kindle Chronicles interview on October 17th at Schuler Books, a sprawling indie bookstore in Lansing, Michigan. We sat in plush […]

Kindle Daily Deals Feature the Crash of ’29 and Maisy the Mouse

I couldn’t resist buying the$1.99  Kindle Daily Deal this morning, because I remember sitting in a lecture hall 40-plus years ago watching the author of the book address a class of undergraduates with an attitude I can only describe as disdain. John Kenneth Galbraith was a brilliant economist, and he was taking us through another […]

TKC 220 Guven Witteveen

News – 1) Amazon is the first to send “good news” emails regarding credits for past purchases of eBooks as a result of  a settlement between several eBook publishers and the Attorney Generals of most states (sorry Minnesota). Later, I received one from Kobo. Click here for the AGs’ website about the settlement. 2) Whispercast will […]

Stephen Windwalker on the 4 C’s of Kindle Service: Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily link October 12, 2012 When Stephen Windwalker and I get together, at least one of us usually brings a new gadget.  As creator of Kindle Nation Daily, Steve is on top of all things Kindle, but when he stopped by the Kindle Chronicles studio here in Cambridge this week, he […]

TKC 219 Stephen Windwalker

  Intro Links – Zeo and the Zeo sleep monitor I have been using for two years, available (with Associates commission for TKC) at Amazon. News – 1) Jeff Bezos goes to the U.K. and France to bring glad tidings of Kindle Paperwhite and Fire HD availability. Among the media outlets who took note were […]

Literary Startup Plympton Plays Key Role in Kindle Serials: Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily Link October 5, 2012 Welcome to the Third Layer of Publishing. That his how Jennifer 8. Lee, Co-Founder and President of Plympton, a literary startup creating serial fiction for digital readers, refers to the emerging alternative to major publishers and uncurated online markets. I learned more about the third layer […]