Kindle Book Alert: Nancy Pearl’s First Book Lust Selection is the Daily Deal

Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust Rediscoveries Series is one of the smartest moves Amazon Publishing has made during the last year, in my humble opinion. She is a nationally known librarian and NPR book commentator who chooses favorite out-of-print books for revival as eBooks at the Kindle Store. She writes an introduction to each one. Today’s Kindle Daily Deal, on sale for 24 hours at $1.99, is the first of the series, A Gay and Melancholy Sound by Merle Miller (1919-1986).

In her introduction, Nancy Pearl says she has read this novel at least a dozen times. Set in the era of World War II and McCarthyism, Miller’s highly autobiographical novel never, Pearl writes, feels dated or awkward. She adds, “there’s no strong whiff of the long-dead past emanating from its pages. Indeed, there’s enough snark, emotional pain, and irony to satisfy even the most demanding twenty-first-century reader.”

Without hesitation, I one-clicked this deal and look forward to reading it during our summer stay at Ocean Park, Maine, which begins today.

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