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Hot Off the Kindle Fire: Doonesbury and Dilbert Exclusives Announced

Amazon this morning announced the arrival of two classic cultural comic-strip heroes in exclusive deals for the Kindle Fire. 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective by Garry Trudeau is available in four volumes, each spanning a decade, from 1970 to 2010. Dilbert 2.0 by Scott Adams is also available in four volumes subtitled  “The Early Years, 1989 to 1993,” […]

The Kindle Nation Daily / Kindle Chronicles Interview Column: Author Paul Slack on his New Guide to Social Media Marketing

NOTE: This is a cross-post of my debut weekly column for Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation Daily. Each week I will write a piece based on that week’s interview for the Kindle Chronicles podcast. On Tuesdays after the podcast goes live, I will cross-post the column here, after it has been published in the Kindle Nation Weekender and […]

Vote Early and Often for eBooks!

I am gratified to see that “eBooks” is in the lead for the preferred way to spell digital books in a poll still running today at Digital Book World. Jeremy Greenfield posed the question to readers in a post dated May 25th. He admitted to not feeling quite right about Digital Book World’s current hyphenated […]

Paul Slack Video

[Obviously you won’t be able to see this video if you are reading on a Kindle. You will need to switch to a computer or tablet and navigate with your browser to where it will be the most recent item.]

eReader Tip: When Sailing Solo Around the World, Bring an Extra Kindle

Ever since I interviewed Eric Loss on October 31, 2011, just before his departure on a solo circumnavigation of the world, I have been following his beautifully written blog to see how he’s doing. I regularly copy and paste his navigation coordinates into Google Maps to see where in the world his last post came […]

TKC 199 Paul Slack

News – 1) Waterstones, the biggest bookseller in the United Kingdom, announces it will be selling Kindles and Kindle eBooks via WiFi at its approximately 300 stores. Managing Director James Daunt a year ago told the BBC the company was planning to create a better eReader than the Kindle. The Economist headlines the story “Strange […]

Kindle Help with Kindle Touch Image Viewer from Tom Semple

Kindle Chronicles listener Tom Semple has forwarded the following helpful details on how to use the Kindle Touch’s “image viewer:” If you are familiar with the image viewer that has existed on all Kindles prior to Kindle Touch, then you’ll appreciate how this works, though it is different, as with many things ‘Kindle Touch’. It’s […]

Federal Judge Overrules My Preferred Way of Spelling Digital Book

I noticed yesterday that U.S. District Judge Denise Cote spelled the word for digital book differently than the way I thought was correct. When Ken Clark and I founded E-Books for Troops two years ago, our research indicated that “e-book” was the proper spelling, and it’s still the first listing at Wikipedia.  Judge Cote chose […]

Behind the eBook News: A 56-Page Must-Read Judge’s Order

I just finished reading U.S. District Judge Denise Cote’s 56-page opinion and order in the eBooks class action lawsuit filed against Apple and five Defendant Publishers. Click here for the PDF.  Some of it is writing only a legal beagle could follow, but surprisingly long sections read like a novel or a well-written Harvard Business […]

How to Create a Homemade Stylus for Your Kindle Fire

On deadline for this week’s Kindle Chronicles, I found a cool-looking app for the Kindle Fire named Smart Writing Tool. It costs 99 cents, and it enables you to write cursive text on your Kindle Fire or other capacitive tablet screen. Your scribbling turns into readable text. You can use your finger, but I thought […]