Nook Gets a Glowing Screen Before the Kindle

I just pre-ordered a Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight and can’t wait to see how it looks under the covers for night-time reading. TechCrunch has reported that Amazon is planning an E Ink Kindle with this clever technology, but Barnes & Noble appears to have beat Bezos and company to market with a glowing screen. You have to give B&N credit for keeping it interesting in hardware, given the disparity in financial resources available to the two competitors.

Engadget has a full review of the GlowLight device including a video demo.

The e-mail I received from B&N confirming my order said the new Nook will ship on May 1st.

Engadget says the new Nook will be slightly lighter than its non-glowing sibling. I just put my Kindle Touch on the kitchen scale and found it weighs 7 5/8 ounces, a quarter of an ounce heavier than the current Nook Simple Touch. ¬†So I hope the new Kindle Touch, if one’s coming, will also shed a fraction of an ounce or more. Lately I find that the amazing improvements in weight and thin profile of each new Kindle have spoiled me, and I am always on the lookout for even more lightness of being in e-readers.

Thanks to listener Jenn Jacobsen for alerting me to this new Nook!

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