Monthly Archives June 2011

TKC 153 David Burleigh

News – 1) J. K. Rowling announces that she is going to sell her Harry Potter e-books herself, at Pottermore, beginning in October.  Will they be DRM-free? The Inquirer and The Unofficial Apple Weblog say so, without citing sources. The guys at eBook Architects (who host the essential eBook Ninjas podcast) help me understand the […]

TKC 152 Jon Cog

News – 1) The worrisome blight of Kindle spam is in the news here and here. Laura Hazard Owen had the story first three months ago, with help from Mike Essex. 2) Does this new web site and this YouTube video mean J.K. Rowling is going to bring Harry Potter to e-books herself? Maybe, says […]

TKC 151 Susan Orlean

News – 1) The Kindle could account for 10 percent of Amazon’s total revenue next year, a top financial analyst opines. 2) The Great Kindle Sunshine Deals sale is chasing away the high-cost-ebook blues.  3) Apple blinks, sort of. Tech Tip – Text-to-speech controls only a Mother could love? Not really, but in a special […]

TKC 150 Dave Pell

News – 1) TechFlash’s Bethany Overland has a good overview of Amazon’s recent forays into the world of Big Publishing.  2) My new Nook arrived today, and I like it, with caveats. Instapaper’s Marco Arment has a thorough comparison of it with the Kindle 3 here. Tech Tip – How to sign up for free […]