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News – 1) Random House belatedly joins the “Apple 5” publishers in adopting the Agency Model of e-book pricing, just in time to gain a brief but prominent mention by Steve Jobs at the iPad 2 press conference on March 2, 2011. Click here for video of the press conference.  BusinessInsider offers reason to hope that Apple may not apply subscription rules in a way that forces Amazon’s Kindle app off the iPad and other iOS devices. Even so, now would be a very good time for Amazon to let us know if they have their own tablet computer to release, as Forrester Research’s James McQuivey has been recommending for nearly a year now.  2) Clearwater High School‘s dramatic Kindle experiment seems to be a success so far. 3) AT & T’s company stores will begin carrying Kindle 3G’s on March 6. 4) Does this chart mean Amazon will be lowering the price of the Kindle to something like zero by the end of this year? Kevin Kelly thinks maybe, and Michael Arrington last year said Amazon was thinking about giving free Kindles to Amazon Prime subscribers.  Stay tuned!

Tech Tip – The Nail Polish Cover Fix reconsidered, and an easy way to open files converted to Kindle .azw format on your iPad.

Interview (begins at 14:21)Seth Godin in an interview recorded on February 25, 2011, talks about his recently released book, Poke the Box, traditional publishers, Amazon’s culture, the Domino Project, and lots more.

Content – Oops! Revolution in the Arab World, a timely e-book published by Foreign Policy Magazine, DOES come in a Kindle edition, as well as PDF. TKC regrets the error and looks forward to an interview with the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief in a future show.

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How Seth Godin inspired me to poke the box a year ago, leading to the creation, with Ken Clark, of E-Books for Troops. Click here for the new E-Books for Troops Facebook page.


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  1. Pat Montgomery wrote:

    Just a heads up on your comment about the Overdrive App for the iPad. You are correct, it is very crude and not very usable. Right before Overdrive finally came out with their app for library eBooks, a really great free App was published called BlueFire Reader for the iPad. This also works on your iTouch and iPhones.

    We have been talking about BlueFire Reader App heavily on MobileRead Forums under the Apple iPad threads. This App will let you open and read your Overdrive library ebooks on the iPad. I use it by just emailing my Overdrive ebook acsm file directly to my iPad without opening the file with Adobe Digital Editions. (this acsm file is sent from Overdrive to my computer after checking out my ebook) This allows me to bypass Adobe Digital Editions and iTunes on my computer.

    You will still have to have your Adobe Digital Editions authorized on your iPad . To me this is the easiest way to read my Overdrive ebooks without having to buy an extra reader.

    Hope this helps you.
    Pat M.

    Posted 05 Mar 2011 at 7:25 pm

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