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TKC 119 Stephen on Ender’s Game

Note: This episode was pre-loaded on October 13, 2010 from Cambridge, Mass. Tech Tip – Mitch Miggins from British Columbia, Canada, sent me a detailed tip on how to use Velcro to fasten the Kindle 3 more securely to its Amazon cover, to prevent mishaps that can damage the posts to the cover.  I tried […]

TKC 118 Susan Moody

News – 1)  A paper company launches a PR and ad campaign promoting–you guessed it–paper. 2) A leading Apple blog declares the iBooks Store “one big failure.” 3) Christopher Sutton takes us behind the scenes at filming of the latest Kindle customers video. Tech Tip – Andrys Basten on the best way to restart your […]

TKC 117 John Just

News – 1) Amazon announces “Kindle Singles,” prompting the best Kindle headline of the week, “Honey I Shrunk the E-Book” at the WSJ’s All Things Digital Blog.  Who will be the first journalist to take advantage of this new form? How about this one? Maybe Ezra Klein foresaw something like this two years ago.  2) […]

TKC 116 Sarah Diment

News – 1) Harvard Library Director Robert Darnton, my guest on last week’s show, says the gathering he hosted last weekend was a success, because a clear consensus emerged in support of creating a National Digital Library, as reported in this post by The Chronicle of Higher Education.  2) Amazon updates the Kindle for iPad/iPhone/iPod […]

Updated TKC 115 Robert Darnton

Note: This replaces the previously uploaded TKC 115, which had one track missing, including the interview with Robert Darnton. News – 1) Kindle for the Web. 2) Kindle for BlackBerry PlayBook. 3) A tipster tells TechCrunch an Amazon Tablet is coming. 4) Andrys Basten reports evidence that Amazon did indeed learn its 1984 lesson. 5) […]

Audio Fail on TKC 115

I made a serious error while editing the latest episode of the podcast. I had an entire track, including the interview with Robert Darnton, muted when I compressed the file and uploaded it to the Internet.  I’m fixing it now and will have the corrected audio file uploaded as soon as possible.  My apologies for […]