TKC 112 James McQuivey

News – 1) Amazon updates the Kindle 3 software. 2) Kindles are coming to Best Buy this fall.

Tech Tip – John Cog in a post at his Me and My Kindle blog tipped me off to a way to find other Kindle users on Google Maps, courtesy of a computer consultant in Croatia named Dragi Raos.  I added myself in Cambridge, Mass., choosing a location with sentimental value.

Interview (7:28) – James McQuivey is vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, where he covers media technology. Click here for a July post about the Kindle. Click here for his tweets. We spoke by Skype on September 7, 2010 about Forrester’s major survey results confirming the Kindle’s continuing dominance of the e-book sector, as well as a surge by the Barnes & Noble nook which might propel it past Sony’s Reader for the distant Number 2 spot.

Comments – Andrew Everett, Allen MacDiarmid, and Robert Brownson comment on Kindle 3 freeze-ups. Bob Cope reports his K3 is already sporting rosewood skins and a suede jacket. William Green, who is legally blind, loves how easy to read his K3 is in low light with large print. Karen Horvath loves the Kindle’s social media capability.

Next Week’s Interview – Lewis Hyde, author of Common as Air: Revolution, Art and Ownership.

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  1. Rick Askenase wrote:

    Excellent show this week. Mr. McQuivey is always an interesting discussion, as you know. His comments on Amazon maintaining a 67% hardware share and about 70%+ ebooks share clearly indicate Amazon’s dominance. I think their ebook share is closer to 75%.

    In fact, I do not expect Sony to be around very long. Their reader is very good, BUT it is not appropriately priced, NO wifi/3G, and their bookstore is a non-starter. AND, they have not let their reader work with B & N ePub books due to different Adobe DRM schemes.

    Furthermore, B & N is still looking shaky financially, and could go under (or be sold) by the end of 2011.

    Posted 10 Sep 2010 at 5:00 pm