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TKC 109 Craig Findlay

News – 1. Blogger Keith Peters takes a VERY close look at the Kindle and iPad screens. 2) Amazon updates its Kindle for PC app. Andrys Basten comments. 3) The expected shipping date for new Kindles slips again, to September 17. 4) Stephen Windwalker is finishing up his latest Kindle Nation survey. 5) The IRS gives unusually fast approval to the 501(c)(3) application of E-Books for Troops, making it official that donations to the nonprofit are tax-deductible. Also, we launch Kindle 2 for Troops, a way that you can send in your Kindle 2 and we’ll distribute it to a soldier in Afghanistan. Thanks to Mike Cain, iReaderReview, TeleRead, and Stephen Windwalker for helping to spread the word!

Tech Tip – Allen MacDiarmid alerts me to a better way to highlight long passages on the Kindle, and also shares a shortcut for Text-to-Speech controls.

Interview (12:01) – Craig Findlay of Kelso, Scotland, is an avid Kindle user who is delighted with the opening of Amazon’s new Kindle U.K. store. In a Skype call from Maine to Scotland on August 18, 2010, we discussed the pace of e-book adoption in the U.K., the pricing of e-books, and more. Craig is going to take this creative writing course at Open University, the better to publish his own novel on Kindle some day.

Content – Common as Air: Revolution, Art and Ownership by Lewis Hyde looks like a great read, and I have an interview scheduled with the author on September 2, 2010.

Comments – Judy Lin on Kindle gifting, Chris Baker on my Wolf Hall Tournament of E-Readers video, Amy Leigh on her 10 Kindle Cases You Can Build For Free post, Rick Askenase on the Kindle tipping point, Jean Remple on Bob Stein, and Steve Wisener on bundling e-books with print books.

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