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Correction: In the podcast, I have the date of the Kindle launch at Target wrong. It’s Sunday June 6, not June 5.

News – Item 1: It looks as if Bloomberg got the scoop on plans for the next Kindle, reported to becoming in August. Engadget adds some details, including the codename, Shasta.  Item 2: Andrys Basten at A Kindle World has this about Amazon’s delay in rolling out the 2.5 update for Kindle software. Item 3: Consumer Reports in a comparison of the Kindle and the iPad declares the Kindle “the better e-books choice for most people.” Here’s what CR has to say about three other e-ink e-readers.  Item 4: If you want to help the cause of Kindle domination, you might stroll on over to your local Target store Sunday (June 6) and help answer customer questions when the first Kindles show up for sale. Item 5: Stephen Windwalker and Julie Bosman of the New York Times each have data indicating this e-books thing isn’t likely to blow over soon. Click here for the podcast episode in which Bosman reports on BookExpo America. Click here for the Digital Book World Roundtable podcast recorded live from BEA, hosted by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez.

Tech TipBufo Calvin relates steps you should take if you lose your Kindle.

InterviewJames McQuivey in a conversation recorded on June 1, 2010, explains why he’s worried Amazon may be about to miss a once-in-a-lifetime shot, if they don’t come up with an iPad killer.  James is vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

Content – Looking for something good to read on your Kindle?  Check out Jan Zlendich’s Kindle Reader blog.  You can subscribe to it on your Kindle for 99 cents a month by clicking here.

Comments – Rick Askenase emailed me the link to a good Wall Street Journal piece about e-books and publishing. David Deitrick emailed me the following procedure for adding non-Amazon (or non-iBooks) content to your iPad:

Import the files I want to put in the iPad into Calibre that came from sources other than Amazon.
.MOBI files seem to work.  The .AZW are copy Protected and won’t convert.  OTOH, I think that all of the .AZW files are available in my Kindle for iPad application
1. Select the .MOBI files that you want to convert (this works for PDF files as well)
2. Convert the files to EPUB
3. Select the files that you want to put on the ipad.  If you don’t touch anything, the files you selected for the conversion will still be selected.
4. Click on “Save to disk”
5. Select a folder or director in which to save your files.  I picked “ConvertedForIpad”
6. Click on “Choose”
7. You will then find a bunch of sub folders of Authors.  Select the folders you want on the iPad and drag them to the iTunes icon in the Dock (on a Mac, I haven’t tried this on a Windows machine).
8. The books will be imported to the “Books” section of the iPad Device in iTunes.
9. Select the “Sync Books” box and either “All Books” or “Selected Books” and then the books you want on your iPad
10. Sync the iPad.  The books show up in iBooks with any cover art that was in Calibre.  The News feeds that are configured in Calibre will also convert and download into iBooks.

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