TKC 94 Ken Clark

Darlene's photo of the co-founders of E-Books for Troops

News – My Kindle was updated wirelessly the evening of May 5th with the 2.5 software, so I’m bringing you my hands-on impressions of the six major enhancements it contains.

Tech Tip – How to use the new Daily Refresh capabilities of your Kindle library in the cloud.

Interview – After working by e-mail and phone for two months on the creation of E-Books for Troops, Ken Clark and I finally had a chance to meet in person here in Cambridge, Mass., on Monday, May 3.  After our planning session, we finished up by doing this week’s podcast interview.

Content – Is Google finally getting serious about launching Google Book Editions this summer?  Stephen Windwalker has his doubts, despite a Google guy’s guarantee at a panel discussion in New York City.

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