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News – Will the next Kindle cost less than $150? Reports from Bloomberg and Silicon Alley Insider raise that happy prospect.  Also, via Kindle World, a new comparison by WalletPop of eBook prices shows that Kindle is still the best priced, but Sony and Barnes & Noble trade places for runnerup and third.

Tech Tip – How to check your Evernote account on your Kindle, using the mobile version.  Via Evernote’s latest podcast, we learn the CEO has three Kindles, and the team is looking at the Kindle API with an eye to closer coordination between the Kindle and Evernote.  Click here for Abhi’s Start Page Tool post if you’d like to streamline your Evernote access on your Kindle.  Click here for the bookmonk tool.  If you haven’t tried Evernote yet, check out Walt Mossberg’s rave review.

Interview – Andrys Basten’s “A Kindle World blog” had its debut on March 19, 2009.  In this interview recorded on March 2, 2010, we talked about what a difference a year has made in the world of the Kindle, especially in the hoard of competitors to the Kindle that has arrived on the scene.   Click here to subscribe to Andrys’s very useful blog on your Kindle. One non-Kindle eReader she mentions, depending on your reading needs, is the Sony Pocket Edition.

Content – Amazon announces how you can find lots of free content for your Kindle in places other than the Kindle Store. Click here for the great copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes that I found at ManyBooks.

Your Comments Maurice Lawles buys a Kindle. Jim Jones loves Stitcher. Kevin Roher tests the Kindle’s battery. Glenn Blinckmann is not happy about the big increase in Kindle subscription price for Time Magazine. Blair Slavin thinks I may love reading my iPad in my favorite chair. Kevin Parsons puts flesh on the economics re: eBook pricing. Mike Detlefsen gets an unacceptable answer from Amazon.

Note: I will be in Austin, Texas, next week for this little gathering.  If you’re in the halls, twitter me and maybe we can rendezvous to say hi or have a coffee.

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  1. Andrys wrote:

    Hmmm. A correction. In talking about taking advantage of WiFi at my hotels in Egypt, they always had it but you had to be in a downstairs area and I preferred to relax in the hotel room, so I used the ethernet arrangements in the rooms.

    I used WiFi mainly in the airports. With a 10 hour stopover in Frankfurt, that netbook did make the wait less painful.

    Posted 05 Mar 2010 at 11:22 pm