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TKC 84 Scott Stossel

News – An interview with Army Sgt. Andre Corbin, who is headed for active duty in Afghanistan next month. His gear will include a new Kindle and accessories in a sponsorship by M-Edge Accessories. Andre describes how well-suited eReader technology is for military personnel serving in remote areas, and he announces his intention to blog about his experience in Afghanistan at . Also, comments by M-Edge CEO Patrick Mish on why he and his team were so enthusiastic in their support for this project.

Tech Tip – Click here if you have not yet received the latest slight update for your Kindle or DX software. Listeners’ comments on my Facebook page indicate the update is a pretty good tuneup for the Kindle’s operating system, increasing reliability and speed for some actions.

Interview – Scott Stossel, deputy editor of The Atlantic magazine, describes the genesis of an innovative partnership with Amazon to provide two high-quality short stories each month for $3.99 each. Scott also tells what reaction to the program has been so far from readers and authors alike. If you’d like to provide feedback to him on the program, you can email Scott directly at ScStossel AT – and feel free to let him know you heard about The Atlantic’s Kindle short stories on The Kindle Chronicles!

Content – I’m holding over until next week’s show a good way to organize your Kindle comment using Instapaper AND Calibre. For an advance peek, check out Dave Slusher’s blog post describing his method.

Comments – This week I’ll post your comments as a separate episode.

HOW TO WIN A KINDLE AND ACCESSORY – Click here to check out out my new Facebook “Reading Edge” page. If you become a fan, you will automatically be entered to win a 6-inch Kindle and one accessory from Octovo. The drawing will take place at noon Mountain Time on April 1, 2010. Thanks to Octovo for sponsoring this contest!

TKC 84a Your Comments

I’m running your comments in a separate episode this week, because the main podcast contains two interviews and runs a little long. Here’s what you’ll hear in this file: Craig Scarberry recommends You are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier. Jim Jones points to American Psychological Association guidelines for citing Kindle texts.  Bob Anderson wonders […]

TKC 83 Stephen Windwalker

News – Amazon releases the Kindle for BlackBerry app. Lance Ulanoff worries about the screen size. Motoko Rich of The New York Times gets a scoop: Perhaps rumors of Apple’s opposition to discounted prices for bestsellers was a tad exaggerated?

Tech Tip – How NOT to uninstall your screensaver and fonts apps in order to update your Kindle 2 to the new 2.3.3 . I make some errors and am rescued by a member of KindleBoards, who pointed me to this folder of up-to-date tools for installing and uninstalling hacks. Thank you, Heather!

Interview – Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation is the third-bestselling blog at the Kindle Store. He’s also just released a new, comprehensive survey of Kindle Nation citizens, which has information the major publishers AND Amazon ought to be paying attention to. I interviewed Steve in person on Feburary 17, 2010, in Arlington, Mass.

Content – EduKindle creator Will DeLamater is beta-testing a new tool for creating content for the Kindle with Wikipedia and other sources. It’s named eReadUps and you can submit a request to become a beta tester. Nice!

Comments – Richard Fischer, Heather Hollick, Marie Sotiriou with a podcast recommendation, Maurice Lawles, Bob Anderson, Brian Rupert, Craig Scarberry, Sean, and Bruce Kessel.

HOW TO WIN A KINDLE AND ACCESSORY – Click here to check out out my new Facebook “Reading Edge” page. If you become a fan, you will automatically be entered to win a 6-inch Kindle and one accessory from Octovo. The drawing will take place at noon Mountain Time on April 1, 2010. Thanks to Octovo for sponsoring this contest!

ONE MORE THING…. With this episode, I’m announcing that a fan of the podcasts on my Reading Edge Facebook page, Sergeant Andre B. Corbin, will be taking a complimentary Kindle and accessories with him when he deploys for active duty with the U.S. Army in Afghanistan next month, courtesy of M-Edge Accessories. I saw that Andre had expressed the hope he’d win the Octovo drawing for the Kindle on April 1st (see above), so I contacted Patrick Mish, CEO of M-Edge Accessories, to see if his company might be interested in donating a Kindle and accessories for Andre. Patrick quickly agreed, and they are working with Andre on the details, which I’ll have for you next week. Congratulations Andre, and thank you for your service!

TKC 82 Steve Garfield (Video)

This is part of the video recording for my interview with Steve Garfield.  I am going to need to finish reading his book, Get Seen: Online Secrets to Building Your Business, in order to figure out how to improve the synchronization between the audio and video here.

TKC 82 Steve Garfield

News – Item 1: Will Random House align with Amazon in the Great eBooks Price War? Bufo Calvin does some sleuthing on a Random House executive who worked for 18 months on the Kindle team, then returned to Random House. RH’s Madeline McIntosh actually spoke out against the idea of publishers’ setting of retail eBook prices, so maybe there’s hope that the biggest of the Big Six publishers will break ranks with the Apple Five. MobileRead and Gear Diary have more, including links to the Random House Twitter stream and Facebook page, places you might want to add words of encouragement. Click here for members of the Apple Five. Item 2: Is Amazon planning to give free Kindles to every Amazon Prime member? Michael Arrington of TechCrunch thinks so.

Tech Tip – Inkmesh is checking each hour for new non-public-domain eBooks content. Sweet!

Interview – Steve Garfield of has been videoblogging since January 1, 2004, and as of January he is now a Kindle author. His new book, Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business, came out in Kindle and other eBook format as well as paper, published by Wiley. We spoke on February 9, 2010, by Skype (including a video recording I’ll post separately) and discussed how eBooks in the future may succeed in providing what I found myself describing as Engaged Social Reading. Steve’s next event promoting his book will be February 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Fenway Park, Boston.

Content – Amazon and the British Library team up to offer for free 65,000 newly scanned literary gems from the 19th century. Coming this spring to a Kindle near you! Note: I was only off a hundred years in referring to the 18th century on the podcast.

Comments – From anonymous, Jean Remple, Greg Montague, James T. Atkinson, and Sean Adams.

HOW TO WIN A KINDLE AND ACCESSORY – Click here to check out out my new Facebook “Reading Edge” page. If you become a fan, you will automatically be entered to win a brand new 6-inch Kindle and one accessory from Octovo. The drawing will at noon on April 1, 2010. Thanks to Elle Moran and Octovo for sponsoring this contest! And thanks to all 165 of you who have signed up as fans of the podcast.

Note: For a guest blog post I wrote at e-ReaderFeeder, titled “How I Learned to Love the Kindle and Start a Podcast,” click here. Thanks to James Zakaria for the invitation!

TKC 81 James McQuivey

News – Amazon says it will have to capitulate to Macmillan, but when? Five days after its notice of capitulation, at least two best-selling Macmillan books still have no Buy buttons at Amazon.

UPDATE: Just after recording the episode, I checked Amazon for Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, and it’s now available in hardcover for $13.46. No Kindle edition at any price.

Forrester’s James McQuivey says that by capitulating Amazon actually wins in the short term and long term. Dave Slusher of Evil Genius Chronicles echoes a twitterer’s question — “How does increased competition (Apple’s iBooks to Amazon) result in higher prices to consumers?” — and adds, “That, sir, is an excellent question and one worth thinking about.” Or do Amazon simply look like fools?

News item #2: Amazon reportedly buys a touchscreen maker.

News item #3: 93 percent of these eReader owners are very or somewhat satisfied with their devices.

Tech tip – Via Andrys Basten’s Kindleworld, Steve Brady’s (aka The Professor) Word macro (Windows only) that might bring some order to your My Clippings file. To see your highlights and notes online, click here.

Interview – The conclusion of my conversation on February 1, 2010, with James McQuivey, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, where he covers media technology. In this part, James describes what his Forrester associates are calling “The Kindle Flame.” That’s the next version of Kindle, the one that will really get the fire going.

Content – Instapaper just keeps getting better for Kindle users.

Your comments – Lots more discussion of the Apple iPad, and a way for authors to autograph Kindles!