TKC Extra Cambridge, Mass. Meetup 11-11-09

Meetup photoThis is an unedited recording of today’s Kindle Chronicles meetup in Cambridge, Mass.  Darlene took the photo at right of, from left, me, Rick Askenase, Stephen Windwalker, Michael Bilotta and Karen Hagglund.

Our conversation roamed far and wide, from the just-released Kindle for PC application (which Steve is showing off on his new netbook computer), Kindles in Congress, covers, newspapers, and bookstores.

Karen Hagglund was the genesis for the meetup. She suggested it, because she was visiting Boston from Michigan with her husband Michael for a medical conference. Thanks, Karen, and thanks to all for participating!

Note: In preparing the audio, I neglected to trim the endpoint, so there will be quite a bit of dead air after the conversation concludes at 51:45.

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  1. Sabine wrote:

    Nice, Len. Thanks for thinking of recording and posting this. I felt like I was there!

    Posted 14 Nov 2009 at 7:10 pm