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KeslerWoodwardPhotoNewsThe Economist comes to the Kindle — thanks for the tip, Paul Biba — along with Foreign Affairs and the Detroit Free Press. More libraries offer Kindles. Hopes of a Kindle deal in Germany put on hold.  No sign here yet of the rumored Kindle DX Textbook store.

Tech Tip –  From Marcy McKenzie, how to read your calendar on the DX. Also, how to decide whether to ask Amazon for a replacement for your Kindle 2 to try for better screen contrast.

InterviewKesler Woodward, my friend the painter and omnivorous reader from Fairbanks, Alaska, challenges my oft-expressed preference for reading on a Kindle versus print.  You can subscribe on your Kindle to his “Painting in the North” Blog here.

Quote – “The Perfection of Sheep,” an original poem from A Poet’s Progress at Bennington – Vol. 1 by Len Edgerly. Kindle formatting by Joshua TallentRecommended by Andrys Basten of A Kindle World.

Comments – Cindy Brooks, Lu Hood, Mike Malloy, Peggy Poellot, Rob Rutkowski, Allen MacDiarmid, and an audio comment in French from Gille Brunet.

Interview Guest Next Week – SmartMoney Editor Tom Weber, author of “The Real Genius of the Kindle? The Return of Unitasking.”

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  1. Al wrote:

    Len, even though I have both Scottish an Irish ancestors, I spell my name with the Scottish variety, MacDiarmid. Drop the first “a” and turn me into an Irishman.

    Posted 04 Jul 2009 at 7:54 am

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