TKC 48 Will DeLamater

will-delamater-thumbNews – Jeff Bezos talks strategy. The DX survives a 30-inch drop AND sells out in the first three days. BYU chickens out of an innovative Kindle interlibrary loan program

Tech Tip –  Via Andrei Pushkin, how to turn your Kindle DX into a calculator. (My interview with Andrei in Episode 42.)

InterviewWill DeLamater, creator of the EduKindle blog, shares his first impressions of the DX and looks ahead to its success in the education sector.

Quote – From the New International Version of The Bible, Matthew Chapter 6.

Comments -Marcie McKenzie, Dan Meyers, Yisroel Parker, Joe Clark and an audio comment from Pastor Mark Pierce, creator of the Church Requel podcast.

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  1. Greg Keck wrote:

    Len – you said something in TKC 48 that we can’t let slide. When talking about the drop test for the DX you said that since the DX is heavier that it would fall faster. How fast something falls has nothing to do with it’s mass. Only thing is wind resistance. Remember the experiment they did on the moon, dropping a feather and a hammer, with no wind resistance, they both fell at the same rate. Now the DX will have more momentum, and thus could cause more damage at the end of the fall….

    Posted 22 Jun 2009 at 4:54 am