TKC 40 Pam McCarthy

pam-thumbNews (1:55) – Stephen Windwalker wonders if the latest Kindle 2 firmware update, 2.0.3, might address the screen contrast issue. Ted Inoue weighs in, saying probably not. Blog Kindle suggests the new update may have something to do with Amazon’s planned pullback from Text to Speech in the face of Authors Guild opposition. Meanwhile, a feisty ebook publisher, Vellum Publishing, offers a bold solution for the contrast problem on its 13-book catalogue, including a screenplay I bought, The Harvard Man, which has good-looking bold text, but I confess that I didn’t get very far into it before putting it down in disgust at the gore and a misspelling.

Tech Tip (8:23) – From MobileRead, clarknova’s Kindle 2 hack that enables you to customize your Kindle’s screen savers. Not for the technologically faint of heart, but Amazon says it won’t void the warranty. (Scroll down to March 2, 2009 post.) Go back to Episode 20 for a refresher on how to do this on your Kindle 1, or consult these instructions from phuocle at MobileRead.

Interview (16:35) – Pam McCarthy, deputy editor of The New Yorker, tells how the magazine decided to create a Kindle edition which in February immediately soared to the Number One bestseller spot among all magazines offered for the Kindle. This is a telephone interview recorded on April 21, 2009.

Quote (37:00) – “The Bells: How Harvard Helped Preserve a Russian Legacy” by Elif Batuman in the April 27, 2009 issue of The New Yorker. With audio of the bells from a related New Yorker podcast by and Curtis Fox Productions.

Comments (39:10) – Bob Hare remembers the Rocketbook; Karl Bunker recommends Mysteria, and Scott St. Amant offers a much appreciated technical suggestion.

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  1. Pat Hawn wrote:

    Len, check out this blog. It’s from The New Yorker…it has an interesting viewpoint about the Kindle.

    “The Social Dilemma of E-Reading”

    Posted 24 Apr 2009 at 7:36 pm
  2. Al wrote:

    Ref the Screen Saver Hack: On a Macintosh, the system puts a thumbnail in for every picture but it is hidden. This causes a blank page before every picture. To get rid of the blank pages:

    On a Mac, plug the Kindle in again and bring up Terminal from the /Applications/Utilities folder.

    cd /Volumes/KINDLE2/system/screen_saver [press enter key] (where KINDLE2 is the name of your Kindle volume)
    rm -i ._* [press the enter key, and press the ‘y’ or ‘n’ key to delete files (or not) when asked until there are no more]
    exit [press the enter key]
    Restart the Kindle by moving the wakeup switch to the right for 15 seconds.

    Posted 24 Apr 2009 at 7:58 pm

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