24 Mike Elgan

News – My own exclusive scuttlebutt which leads me to believe Amazon will start shipping the new version this month, ahead of the official announcement in February.

Tech Tip – Ever wonder how much further you have to read before reaching the end of a chapter?  This tip will help you find out.

InterviewMike Elgan, widely read tech blogger and columnist, who puts the Kindle’s phenomenal success in perspective and looks ahead to huge profits for Amazon from the Kindle.  (Part 1 of the interview is in this podcast, and part 2 follows in a Kindle Chronicles EXTRA.)

Quote – from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Downloaded from MobileRead

Comments – Rebecca, Nicholas Schutz,and Linda Hopkins (Amazon’s Best of 2008 List)

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Next week’s interview: Leslie Nicoll, author of The Amazon Kindle FAQ.

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