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28 Staton Rabin

News – February 9, 2009 in NYC is when we all expect Amazon to unveil the long-awaited Kindle 2.  My source tells me that if you order a Kindle now (I ordered one on Jan. 26th) you will be able to obtain a Kindle 2, even though the new version has not actually been announced […]

27 Mark Mahaney

News – Firmware update to version 1.2.0 – do you have it yet? Timothy Crabtree does. UPDATE: In the podcast I mentioned Abhi’s speculation suggesting that Amazon might open up pre-orders for the new Kindle.  The date he mentioned was Sunday, Jan. 25th, not Feb. 25th as I said at 5:41 in the podcast.  Thanks […]

26 Michael Geoghegan

WELCOME TO THE KINDLE CHRONICLES’ NEW HOME With the help of podcast consultant Adam Weiss of Boston I have updated this site and improved the hosting and feed for my podcast.  You may see some duplicate episodes appear in your iTunes or other podcatching software if you are a subscriber.  If you experience any problems, […]

25 Leslie Nicoll

News – Is the Kindle adding $9 billion to Amazon’s market valuation?  I hope so! Tech Tip – How to offer your blog to the Kindle Store for subscriptions. Thanks to Charles Hugh Smith , author of Weblogs & New Media: Marketing in Crisis, for the question. Interview – Leslie Nicoll, an author of The […]

24 Mike Elgan

News – My own exclusive scuttlebutt which leads me to believe Amazon will start shipping the new version this month, ahead of the official announcement in February. Tech Tip – Ever wonder how much further you have to read before reaching the end of a chapter?  This tip will help you find out. Interview – […]

24 – EXTRA Mike Elgan interview – Part 2

The second half of my interview on Dec. 31, 2008 with tech blogger and columnist Mike Elgan. Part 1 is contained in episode 24 of the Kindle Chronicles. Click here to download Part 2.