22 Joshua Tallent

News – Rand McNally introduces a Road Atlas specifically designed for

the Kindle. Featuring a brief telephone interview with Joel Minster, Rand McNally’s senior vicepresident and chief cartographer.

Tech Tip – Will DeLamater of EduKindle creates a sort of Kindle App –


Interview – Joshua Tallent of Kindle Formatting talks about how to format books for the Kindle, Digital Rights Management, and other e-topics. Josh will be teaching a session in February at the O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing confe

rence.  An example of his formatting work is Lost Sonnets of Cyrano de Bergerac.  The Medialoper’s encounter with Jeff Bezos is described here.

Quote – from Tree of Smoke by Denis Johnson.

Comments – Dan Meyer, John B, and Linda Hopkins.

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Next week’s interview, via Skype: Starbuck, the online name of an Army Captain on active duty in Iraq who always has his Kindle with him, the better to have something to read when unexpected wait times occur.

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