Monthly Archives December 2008

23 Starbuck in Iraq

News – New subscriptions available for the Kindle: USA Today and Narrative Magazine.  Also, new Kindle market intelligence from The New York Times.  A million Kindles sold?  Not according to Mark Mahaney in August. Tech Tip – How to put content on your Kindle in the middle of Wyoming. Click here to see a map […]

22 Joshua Tallent

News – Rand McNally introduces a Road Atlas specifically designed for the Kindle. Featuring a brief telephone interview with Joel Minster, Rand McNally’s senior vicepresident and chief cartographer. Tech Tip – Will DeLamater of EduKindle creates a sort of Kindle App – Notepad. Interview – Joshua Tallent of Kindle Formatting talks about how to format […]

21 Steve Shaw

News – Publisher’s Weekly puts Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos on its cover as “Person of the Year.” Tech Tip – No worries, yet, about ever being charged 10 cents when you convert a .pdf or other document to Kindle format for your Kindle via email. Interview – Steve Shaw, creator of the Kindlelicious […]

20 Will DeLamater

News – Via Mike Elgan and , we learn that the famed Algonquin Hotel in New York City is loaning Kindles to guests.  Jan Zlendich of The Kindle Reader blog notes that 46 of the 50 titles on Bookmarks Magazine’s list of the 50 best books of 2008 are available for the Kindle. Tech […]