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Amazon Gives WorldReader an Awesome Gateway to Awareness

Amazon.com today is giving one of the most visible spots on the Internet to WorldReader, the nonprofit that is distributing Kindles to students throughout the developing world. When you click on Amazon.com you will see a headline stating “For Kids in Africa, a New Way to Learn” and information about the program. David Risher, CEO and […]

Reading Books and Feeding Minds One Kindle at a Time: Cross-Post of my Kindle Nation Daily Column on WorldReader

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily Link October 26, 2012 It is difficult to imagine how much an eReader like the Kindle can change the life of a student in sub-Saharan Africa. I know that the Kindle has improved the way I read in deep and satisfying ways, adding convenience and a more intimate engagement […]

TKC 221 David Risher

News – 1) Amazon reports disappointing earnings. 2) Kindles arrive at Waterstones in the U.K. 3) Apple unveils the iPad Mini. Tech Tips – The Kindle Fire HD gets updated software, version 7.2.1. “How to Touch a Kindle Paperwhite” will be the title of the video I plan to make soon with tips on using the touch […]

Kindle News of the World: From Uganda to My Parents’ Kitchen, the Story of Worldreader.org

My mother called this morning from her kitchen in Cambridge, Mass., with an alert from page C3 of today’s Wall Street Journal. “You need to read this article about Kindles in Africa,” she told me. “It was founded by a former executive at Amazon.” “David Risher?” I asked. “Yes, that’s the one.” I’m glad to see news […]

TKC 118 Susan Moody

News – 1)  A paper company launches a PR and ad campaign promoting–you guessed it–paper. 2) A leading Apple blog declares the iBooks Store “one big failure.” 3) Christopher Sutton takes us behind the scenes at filming of the latest Kindle customers video. Tech Tip – Andrys Basten on the best way to restart your […]

TKC 117 John Just

News – 1) Amazon announces “Kindle Singles,” prompting the best Kindle headline of the week, “Honey I Shrunk the E-Book” at the WSJ’s All Things Digital Blog.  Who will be the first journalist to take advantage of this new form? How about this one? Maybe Ezra Klein foresaw something like this two years ago.  2) […]

TKC 88 David Risher

News – Amazon announces Kindle for Tablet Computers including the iPad. CNET’s Tom Merritt has some video fun with reasons For and Against buying an iPad.  Citi’s Mark Mahaney doesn’t think the iPad is going to make much of a dent in the Kindle’s dominance of eBooks. My anonymous source says the Kindle App Store […]