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TKC 389 Donna Foley Mabry

Author of Maude Interview starts at 15:00 and ends at 44:33 I do have an agent who called me, and he’s representing Maude. She’s been translated into Italian, German, and Russian. He made the deal for the audiobook. He’s right now negotiating with a few more countries. Whatever Kindle and Amazon don’t cover as far […]

TKC 363 Amy Edelman

Founder and President of IndieReader.com Interview starts at 11:46 and ends at 41:02   It’s very hard to tell a self-published book these days from one that is traditionally published.   News David Pogue’s must-see Alexa demonstration and review (video) at Yahoo Tech – July 16, 2015   Tech Tip Amazon page on Cloud Collections   […]

TKC 297 David P. Vandagriff

Attorney and Creator of The Passive Voice blog Interview starts at 17:13 In my opinion, any midlist author that sticks with a traditional publisher is crazy, because I personally know a number of formerly midlist traditionally publishing authors who are making a very, very nice living off of self-publishing now. We’re talking a 10-x increase […]

TKC 259 BookExpo America

BookExpo America 2013 panel on Self-Publishing Starts at 10:12 I actually think disruption is the best defense for publishing. Self-publishing is turning out to be a potential boon for publishers, because you can sit there and watch people market themselves, share their ideas, see which things gather any kind of momentum in the marketplace, and then make […]

An Author’s Guide to Goodreads at BookExpo America – Liveblog

Next up: Patrick Brown, director of author marketing at Goodreads, and Bella Andre, author of Always on My Mind: The Sullivans . Patrick has run customer service at Goodreads, now focuses on helping authors find books via Goodreads. Bella Andre wrote for three traditional publishers and in 2010 began publishing with Kindle Direct Publishing. She has […]

A Kindle Direct Publishing Tale: In Which Amazon Shows It’s Serious About Copyright

I uploaded an eBook to Kindle Direct Publishing last night at 9 p.m. from Maine and hoped I might see it available for purchase at the Kindle Store today by 9 a.m. But as the morning wore on, the title’s status on my KDP bookshelf kept showing as “In Review.” Clicking on the “What’s This?” […]

Cross-Post from Kindle Nation Daily: My Interview with Theresa Ragan

NOTE: This is a cross-post of my weekly column for Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation Daily. Each week I write a piece based on that week’s interview for the Kindle Chronicles podcast. After the podcast goes live, it appears first in the Kindle Nation Weekender and then at the KND web site on Monday.  By LEN EDGERLY, Contributing Editor Be honest. Do you […]