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TKC 360 Russ Grandinetti

Amazon’s Senior Vice President – Kindle Interview starts at 10:17 and ends at 42:35  My guess is that if you asked all the publishers with whom we’ve reached agreement in the last year they would tell you that they had to compromise some things they didn’t love. And we’ve had to compromise some things we […]

TKC 337 Russ Grandinetti at Digital Book World

Amazon’s senior vice president for Kindle We can all observe the fact that in every single digital media category subscriptions is playing an important role—in music, in movies, in newspapers—you cannot find a digital medium where subscription isn’t a model that succeeds at some level, and I don’t think books will be immune to this. […]

TKC 306 Russ Grandinetti

Senior Vice President – Amazon Kindle Interview starts at 18:20 We have made an experience that has helped people feel actually like they’re getting real value to pay seven, eight, nine,  ten bucks for text in the form of bits. And we think that’s actually a tremendous accomplishment. We’re proud that Kindle’s played a role […]

An Idea Amazon Thought Would Enhance Kindle Device Ownership Has Turned Out Rather Well for Authors and Readers Alike

Cross-Post of my Kindle Nation Daily Contributing Editor’s Column November 30, 2012 A blind alley is closed at one end. It leads nowhere. Why on earth would you ever want to go down one? Russ Grandinetti (photo at right), Amazon’s Vice President of Kindle Content, puts it this way: “We like going down blind alleys, […]

TKC 226 Russ Grandinetti

News – 1) Amazon announces record Kindle sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 2) Just in time for the holidays, a $1.5 million bonus is added for Kindle Direct Publishing authors enrolled in KDP Select. 3) Click here to vote for Worldreader.org in the Chase American Giving Awards. The deadline is Tuesday, December 4. Worldreader is […]


NOTE: This is a cross-post of my weekly column for Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation Daily. Each week I write a piece based on that week’s interview for the Kindle Chronicles podcast. After the podcast goes live, I cross-post the column here, after it has been published in the Kindle Nation Weekender.   THE RUSS GRANDINETTI INTERVIEW First published on June 9, […]

TKC 201 Russ Grandinetti

News – Voices of BookExpo America: Joshua Tallent of eBook Architects (which is hiring – contact them if you are an eBook developer interested in a position with a growing business based in scenic Austin, Texas) and the eBook Ninjas podcast; Jon Land, author of Strong Vengeance, a Caitlin Strong Novel, on Digital Rights Management, and Benjamin […]

BookExpo America: Two Universes Coexisting on the Same Convention Floor

I had two conversations at BookExpo America today that nicely illustrated how Amazon’s disruption of the publishing industry has split reality into two universes that rarely touch each other. In one lives a former-bookseller friend of mine who was in my class at the Bennington MFA program a decade ago. For him, Amazon is the […]

TKC 174 Russ Grandinetti

News – 1) Amazon reports record Kindle sales on Black Friday. Laura Hazard Owen has details on estimates of the Kindle Fire’s market share compared with Apple’s iPad 2. At Best Buy, the Fire bests the iPad 2, but you need to read the fine print on that one.  Amazon posts a point-by-point comparison of […]

TKC 165 Amazon.com Press Conference

News – All the news this week comes from Amazon’s press conference Wednesday, September 28, 2011, in New York City.  From a seat in the front row, I had a chance to closely observe Jeff Bezos’s remarkably intense overview of the Kindle story to date. Afterward, we circulated among demo stands where the new Kindle […]