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TKC 506 Mark Isero

Creator of the Kindle Classroom Project Interview starts at 15:29 and ends at 43:19 “I don’t think that the Kindle makes reading any more fun, but a lot of students–especially 9th Grade boys who have been turned off of reading, they get a Kindle, and the Number One thing that they do is they bump […]

TKC 497 My Father William and Grandson James

Avid book lovers and Kindle readers  Interview starts at 17:43 and ends at 42:24 “I’ve been writing a realistic fictional narrative for my class as an assignment. There are certain phrases in [Kindle] books that have been highlighted 300 times or a thousand times. I try to make my phrases be like those phrases, because […]

TKC 357 Prof. Krystine Batcho

Professor at Le Moyne College   Interview starts at 17:02 and ends at 44:15   If it keeps your attention, and you’re enjoying it, and it’s making you think—that’s the book for you. News “Trade Sales Fell in February” by Jim Milliot at Publishers Weekly – June 5, 2014 BEA panel on Publishing in China […]

Ode to Tea: Keep Calm and Carry On

A month ago I switched from coffee to tea. Darlene and I were at a cooking class taught by Warren Kramer in Brighton, Mass. As an aside, Warren made a statement that nudged me to action. All it took were four simple words. Here they are, perhaps arriving on a day that will nudge you, […]

Kindle Books Part II: Eric Loss’s List of Print Books He Read on Solo Sail Around the World

Note: Here are more books that Eric Loss took with him on his solo circumnavigation of the world, with his accompanying message by email: Hey Len, I got motivated and started re-shelving the boxes of books from the boat – here’s the list of the real books I took with me.  A good number were just off […]

eBook Ideas: Will Social Kill Reading?

On Sundays I like to mull big eBook ideas. So today I’ve been wondering why I am dragging my feet on social reading. Amazon has invented wonderful new ways to share what we read on Kindle, and I feel as if I should be an evangelist for them. We can now highlight a passage in […]