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TKC 416 Mike Shatzkin

Founder and CEO of the Idea Logical Company Interview starts at 8:05 and ends at 34:24 I think it’s possible that we’re going to wake up in three years and say, ‘We just had another black-swan event, which is that all of the big authors that have been developed over the last five years, a […]

TKC 233 Digital Book World Conference

Start times for interviews: Jeremy Greenfield – 6:27 Mike Shatzkin – 8:46 Michael Tamblyn (Kobo) – 7:14 Heather Severson – 8:22 Paul Biba – 17:30 Michael David Burleigh (OverDrive) – 24:05 Show Notes and Links: Digital Book World Digital Book World conference agenda My live blog coverage of sessions on the following topics: Obama campaign digital director […]

TKC 208 Jeff Bezos

News – Amazon announces that second-quarter earnings fell by a whopping 96 percent compared with last year’s quarter, but the stock price goes up. Stephen Windwalker explains why. Tech Tips – All about X-Ray on the Kindle Touch, including a video clip from the Amazon press conference last fall. Also, how to sideload a photo from your […]

Department of Justice Sticks to Its Guns

By the time the 60-day comment period ended on June 25th, the Department of Justice had received 868 comments on the proposed Final Judgment with Hachette, HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster in DOJ’s anti-trust lawsuit against Apple and five big publishers. Today the DOJ held firm in its settlement plan, which would roll back agency-model […]

TKC 206 Jeremy Greenfield

News – 1) Via Andrys Basten and DigiTimes, news of a possible delay in launch of the next E Ink Kindle.  2) The Financial Times publishes a five-part series analyzing Amazon, and the main author, Barney Jopson, is Tom Ashbrook’s guest for an “On Point” appearance. Some pretty strange ideas thus gain some traction. 3) Jon Cog finds […]

TKC 97 J. A. Konrath

News – Item 1: Amazon.com CEO Jeff Bezos made some illuminating comments about the Kindle at the company’s annual meeting on May 27, 2010. Click here for audio of the entire meeting. Item 2: Penguin and Amazon reach a deal, which means Penguin’s books are migrating back to the Kindle Store. Item 3: Barnes & Noble launches a fairly full-featured iPad app. Stephen Windwalker spots a serious fail in the magazines/newspapers area. Item 4: O’Reilly Media’s servers have a tough time keeping up with demand during a one-day $10 e-book sale on May 21, 2010. (Thanks to Bill C for the tip.)

Tech Tip – Jesslyn Hendrix shares the following steps for resetting the “furthest page read” sync location on a book in your Kindle collection:

Use the same device for all of the steps below before opening the book on a different one, the below example is using a single Kindle

1. Set the Synchronization off on your Amazon Account (Go to Amazon -> Your Account -> Manage Your Kindle -> Manage Kindle Device Synchronization -> click the “Turn the Synchronization off” button to turn off the synchronization)
2. Wait about a minute, then exit & re-enter your book
3. Go to the beginning of your book on the Kindle
4. Sync to the furthest page. If it tells you that you’re on the furthest location, you’re good to go. You must get this exact message “Already at furthest read location”, If not, see 4.1.
1. Select Cancel on the sync message that is displayed, exit and re-enter the book to attempt the reset again. (I think that the Amazon databases have to get reset-thus the delay; in any case, it always works for me on the 2nd attempt). Proceed to Step #5 if you get a message “Already at furthest read location”
5. Turn on the synchronization setting on your Account – your Furthest Page read will be reset to your new location.
6. On your other devices–if further along in the book, you will have to go to the beginning of the book, but once done the Furthest Page Read location will sync with your Kindle.

Interview – J. A. Konrath’s AmazonEncore deal has everyone in publishing talking, it seems. In a Skype interview on May 26 linking us in Denver and Chicago, Joe told the back story and details of the deal, in which Amazon will release the Kindle version of the seventh book in his Jack Daniels police mystery series, Shaken, on October 26, 2010, to be followed on February 22, 2011, by the paperback edition. Click here for a free sample of Shaken and click here for a Digital Book World Roundtable discussion of Konrath’s accomplishment.

Content – You’ll have to listen to the podcast for this one.

Comments – Craig Scarberry on the iPad, Kipp Poe Speicher on his new blog, Allen Day on the new social media features of Kindle 2.5, Bob Anderson on Travels with Kindle, and Jim Jones on Mike Elgan.