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TKC 484 Carlina Duan

Author of I Wore My Blackest Hair Interview starts at 12:34 and ends at 39:39 “I’m not sure about the future of Amazon [Publishing] in the literary world at large. I do think that for my book it’s been really interesting working with them and being able to answer those questions [about audience] and also […]

TKC 405 Paul St John Mackintosh

Author, Poet and Associate Editor of TeleRead Interview starts at 22:08 and ends at 43:10 This [Kindle Oasis] basically gives Amazon its BMW or its Mercedes Benz, which is a pretty powerful draw for the entire range. It has produced a very fine, high-end E Ink eBook reader which caters very well to really serious readers. […]

TKC 336 John Ashbery

Author of 17 poetry collections recently formatted for eBook readers Interview starts at 12:49 and ends at 37:24. The Internet seems to have changed things for the better. You can’t stop people from looking things up these days. They’re usually doing it in front of you while they’re talking to you. So, even though it’s cheating, it’s resulted […]

TKC 118 Susan Moody

News – 1)  A paper company launches a PR and ad campaign promoting–you guessed it–paper. 2) A leading Apple blog declares the iBooks Store “one big failure.” 3) Christopher Sutton takes us behind the scenes at filming of the latest Kindle customers video. Tech Tip – Andrys Basten on the best way to restart your […]

TKC 50 Kesler Woodward

News – The Economist comes to the Kindle — thanks for the tip, Paul Biba — along with Foreign Affairs and the Detroit Free Press. More libraries offer Kindles. Hopes of a Kindle deal in Germany put on hold. No sign here yet of the rumored Kindle DX Textbook store.

Tech Tip – From Marcy McKenzie, how to read your calendar on the DX. Also, how to decide whether to ask Amazon for a replacement for your Kindle 2 to try for better screen contrast.

Interview – Kesler Woodward, my friend the painter and omnivorous reader from Fairbanks, Alaska, challenges my oft-expressed preference for reading on a Kindle versus print. You can subscribe on your Kindle to his “Painting in the North” Blog here.

Quote – “The Perfection of Sheep,” an original poem from A Poet’s Progress at Bennington – Vol. 1 by Len Edgerly. Kindle formatting by Joshua Tallent. Recommended by Andrys Basten of A Kindle World.

Comments – Cindy Brooks, Lu Hood, Mike Malloy, Peggy Poellot, Rob Rutkowski, Al McDiarmid, and an audio comment in French from Gille Brunet.

Interview Guest Next Week – SmartMoney Editor Tom Weber, author of “The Real Genius of the Kindle? The Return of Unitasking.”