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Clammr Co-founders at #NMX on how to take audio viral – Liveblog

Parviz Parvizi and David Silverman, Cofounders of Clammr, have a solution to a problem that has not yet been solved: how to take audio content viral. We are gathered in an intimate circle to learn what they know. I’m very high on this startup and hope they find great success.  

Getting Ready for Tomorrow’s Kindle Chronicles Interview

Tomorrow’s interview with Kevin Eagan, editor of the writerly and smart Critical Margins blog, will be my 294th interview for The Kindle Chronicles. Kevin is a repeat customer, having been my guest for TKC 204 in June of 2012. Each time I prepare to talk with someone for 15 or 20 minutes for the show, I […]

More from Austin Kleon

If my rave review on the podcast of Austin Kleon’s South by Southwest keynote address made you curious about his work, here is a seven-minute video portrait of him that I just discovered tonight: Kleon’s book tour is under way, so I’m not sure when I might hear back from him regarding my invitation to […]

Looking for Smart Kindle Books? Try the New Books Network

Kindle Chronicles listener Guven Witteveen tipped me off to a great way of learning about new Kindle books to read. It’s the New Books Network, a consortium of podcasts that presents in-depth interviews with authors. What’s unusual about these interviews is that they last up to an hour each and are done by hosts who […]

53 Mike Elgan

News – Jeff Bezos posts a classy apology for Amazon’s Orwellian moment, earning a kudo from Andrys Basten. Mignon Fogarty in her excellent new podcast, Behind the Grammar, notes that one of the retracted Orwell books had been annotated by a student for school. Oops! Barnes & Noble teams up with Plastic Logic to challenge the Kindle. New evidence via USA Today that the Kindle is seeping into the mainstream.

Tech Tip – Note: The promised trio of tech tips turns out to be only a duo on the podcast, proving that I should have paid more attention to the missing second one from Larry Goss – about how to use your Kindle 1 or 2 to do math tricks. I’ll be sure to include it next week. The tech tips actually related on the podcast are 1) How to submit your blog for Kindle subscriptions, and 2) and how to read word definitions in larger font on the Kindle 2 or DX, courtesy of Allen MacDiarmid.

Interview – Leading tech blogger and columnist Mike Elgan returns to the podcast to give an engaging, insightful update on the State of the Kindle. Click here for his last visit to the show, on January 2, 2009. He’s also a lively and informative Twitterer.

Content – Check out Jan Zlendich’s excellent blog, The Kindle Reader, for frequently updated tips on good reading for your Kindle. The Kindle Quote is from my sister’s new creation, Stephanie’s Bible Blog, newly available for subscription at the Kindle store.

Audio Comments – Stephanie Bowe, Joshua Tallent, Linda Hopkins, Rick from North Reading, Mass., Peggy Poellot, and Bryan Person.

Email Comments – Stephen Windwalker (a guest on the show here and here) and Robert W. Rutkowski.

Note: I’m sorry this episode is a day late, the first time I’ve missed my Friday deadline since I began the Kindle Chronicles on July 26, 2008. Thanks to a true genius at the Cambridgeside Apple Store, Justin Granger, the recording of my interview with Mike Elgan was rescued this morning from the crashed hard drive on my MacBook Air. Thanks, also, to my mother for loaning me her MacBook Air for a few days, so I could complete this episode and upload it.

TKC 44 Roxanne Darling & Shane Robinson

News (2:06) – Kindle Publishing for Blogs gets a thumbs-up from Abhi, and me, too. The Kindle iPhone app gets a spiffy update. Stephen Windwalker presents evidence that the Kindle may be coming to international markets soon.

Tech Tip (6:01) – Blair Slavin details a way to play with words in the Kindle 2 dictionary.

Interview – (7:36) Roxanne Darling and Shane Robinson make a dashing Kindle Couple and are among Hawai’i’s social media leaders. At Kailua Beach on May 20, 2009, they talked about sharing a Kindle 1, the Kindle iPhone app, and things you should not be afraid to bring to the beach. They are creators of the long-running and inspiring Beach Walks with Rox video podcast, and their tech-savvy Internet consulting business is Bare Foot Studios.

Quote (22:20) – Neville Hobson is experimenting with Twitter/audio book reviews.

Comments (24:53) – John W. Halkias, Halimah Felt, and Karen Hagglund.