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TKC 330 Otis Chandler

Co-founder and CEO of Goodreads Interview starts at 22:02 The world is really moving fast towards mobile, and Goodreads is no exception. We’ve seen huge adoption of our mobile products this year, and we’ve innovated a lot on our mobile web, particularly our iOS app. Intro The music and blog of my talented niece, Fran Betlyon News […]

TKC 277 Otis Chandler

  Cofounder and CEO of Goodreads Interview Starts at 22:29 The thing I’ve been most impressed by is the level of enthusiasm and support and excitement that the Amazon teams and the Lab126 team who makes the Kindles have shown for this project. It literally would not have been done without this level of enthusiasm and […]

Otis Chandler Inteview – Video Excerpt

I wasn’t able to record video of my entire conversation with Otis Chandler on April 11, 2013, because the Skype connection was dropping out, and I wanted to preserve as much audio quality as possible for use on the podcast. This video captures the first few minutes of the interview. For the complete interview with […]

TKC 243 Tom Helleberg

Business Manager at New York University Press  Interview Starts at 23:21 In terms of what we’re projecting for the end of ’13, we think we’re going to come in at about 14 percent all-electronic, and the vast majority of that is currently Kindle. Fifty percent of eBook sales are going through Kindle…Nook is actually way down […]

An Emotional Day for the Co-Founders of Goodreads

Otis Chandler, the CEO and founder of Goodreads, has a must-read post at his site giving his take on the just-announced acquisition of his creation by Amazon. It features a glowing photo of him and his wife, Elizabeth, who is also cofounder of Goodreads, holding Kindles decorated with Goodreads stickers. I’m glad Chandler wrote such […]

Big Coup for Kindle: Amazon to Acquire Goodreads

News just hit my inbox that Amazon has reached an agreement to acquire Goodreads, the 16-million-member book lovers’ site founded by Los Angeles Times scion Otis Chandler. This is a very big story, because it portends dramatic improvements in our ability to share book recommendations and discover great things to read on our Kindles. I will admit that […]