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Dean Baquet at SXSW17 – liveblog

New York Times executive editor in conversation with Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg in Ballroom D at South By Southwest:  

TKC 375 Alexandra Alter

The New York Times’s publishing industry reporter   Interview starts at 12:44 and ends at 32:05 For the people that are price sensitive–if you’re not somebody that reads digitally because you prefer that, because you find it more convenient–but you’re maybe a hybrid reader, you might get a paperback if it’s significantly cheaper than an […]

A Stunning In-House Rebuke for The Times’s Biased Coverage of Amazon

My faith in The New York Times is restored tonight with Public Editor Margaret Sullivan’s measured but stinging rebuke of Times reporter David Streitfeld for his one-sided coverage of the Amazon/Hachette battle. Sullivan, writing in her role as the newspaper’s ombudsman, said she has heard from many readers “that The Times is demonizing Amazon and […]

Sam Tanenhaus Interview – Video Excerpt

This is a video excerpt from my May 1, 2013, Skype interview with Sam Tanenhaus, newly named as a writer-at-large at The New York Times after nine years as editor of The New York Times Book Review and host of the long-running Book Review podcast. The full audio interview is in Episode 248 of The […]

TKC 248 Sam Tanenhaus

New York Times writer at large, former editor of The Times’ Sunday Book Review, and longtime host of The Book Review podcast Interview Starts at 16:29 When I say, “Well, Mr. Amis, it seems to me this is what your novel does,” and he says, “Well no. That’s exactly what it doesn’t do”–part of me cringes, but I know […]

All the News that Bashes Amazon

I love The New York Times and am a loyal subscriber to its Kindle version. But honestly. Are all of the Times’s objective, hard-hitting journalists in the pockets of New York publishers? When you scan the prestigious addresses of the five Defendant Publishers listed in the Department of Justice’s antitrust complaint, they are all in the same […]

TKC 190 James McQuivey

News – 1) Suzanne Collins is the all-time top Kindle author, Amazon announces. To celebrate, they’re giving away 12 Kindle Fires and 12 copies of her Hunger Games trilogy in a sweepstakes that ends March 25. And there’s also a movie opening based on the first of the trilogy, getting good reviews. 2) Amazon updates Kindle […]

TKC 163 Eolake Stobblehouse

News – 1) Amazon is reported to be talking with publishers about setting up a Netflix-like system of making Kindle books available on something like a subscription basis, possibly tied to Amazon’s Prime program. PC World has it here. 2) Your Kindle with Special Offers is about to go local. Amazon announced that AmazonLocal on […]

TKC 62 Brad Stone

News – iRex Technologies teams up with Best Buy and Verizon to form the newest challenge to the Kindle’s dominance of eBooks. Engadget gets its hands on an iRex DR800SG and is not impressed. Other smart commentary here and here. Meanwhile, Amazon announces the winner of its Your Amazon Ad Contest. Click here to watch the whimsical “Kindlicious” video that won $20,000 in Amazon gift cards for Angela Kohler.

Tech Tip – Another handy little keyboard gem from Andrys Basten of Kindle World.

Interview – Brad Stone, technology reporter in The New York Times’s San Francisco bureau, talks about secrecy at Apple and Amazon, Dan Brown, a Kindle developer apps store, and the brilliant description his 22-year-old daughter had of his Kindle recently.

Content – Jan Zlendich of Kindle Reader highlights a promising list of new historical fiction titles for the Kindle.

Comments – Mary McManus on True Compass, Al MacDiarmid on Adrienne Cousins’s cool set of web links for the Kindle, and Len Charnoff on the mysterious 2.0.3 firmware update to the Kindle 2.

34A Robert Scoble & Buzz Bruggeman

This is a conversation by cell phone on March 11, 2009 with Robert Scoble (at right) and Buzz Bruggeman, on why the Kindle 2 doesn’t suck and how The New York Times might save itself with a bold Kindle offer. This special episode of the podcast was brought to you by ActiveWords !  Photo of […]