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TKC 474 Nancy Pearl

Author of George & Lizzie Interview starts at 14:30 and ends at 44:06 “Because of their childhoods I think they approach the world in such different ways–George the pathological optimist and Lizzie the person who knows the glass is totally empty and that you’re just imagining any water. I don’t know what keeps any two […]

TKC 464 David Wright

Reader’s Advisory Librarian at Seattle Public Library Interview starts at 12:20 and ends at 37:05 “The Seattle Library has seen an exponential growth in our e-book usage, which like elsewhere is not cutting into our print usage. It’s additive, which is really interesting to see. Same with audiobooks. These new formats just seem to bring […]

TKC 268 Nancy Pearl

Creator of the Book Lust Rediscoveries Series at Amazon Publishing Interview Starts at 18:01 These books in the Rediscoveries series, they have very little in common, if anything, in terms of plot. They have very little in common in terms of setting. There are going to be two books set in Montana, but everything else is–who knows […]

Nancy Pearl as Action Figure, Rescuing Out-of-Print Books: Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column

Nancy Pearl has always thought that entering a used-book store is one the happiest and saddest experiences in her life. “I see on the shelf all these wonderful, wonderful novels—books that I’ve read that I absolutely loved that are no longer available,” the revered librarian told me during an interview last week [on July 27, […]

TKC 209 Nancy Pearl

News – Since I created this episode earlier in the week than usual, I’m not including news that might be stale by Friday. Tech Tips – Why you might, from time to time, find that a book published through Kindle Direct Publishing has a smaller font than you’re used to. Also, an update on a persistent […]

Notes After a Very Full Two Days in Seattle

I’m finishing up a two-day marathon of interviews, podcast preparation and writing here at a mellow Starbucks at 2121 Terry Avenue in Seattle, three blocks from the Amazon campus. If I can find my way back to the light rail from Pioneer Square,  I will be on the JetBlue red-eye tonight back to Boston, arriving […]

Kindle Book Alert: Nancy Pearl’s First Book Lust Selection is the Daily Deal

Nancy Pearl’s Book Lust Rediscoveries Series is one of the smartest moves Amazon Publishing has made during the last year, in my humble opinion. She is a nationally known librarian and NPR book commentator who chooses favorite out-of-print books for revival as eBooks at the Kindle Store. She writes an introduction to each one. Today’s Kindle […]

TKC 180 John Tayman

News – 1) Amazon announces a brisk beginning for KDP Select at the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, with impressive numbers reported for December. Jon Cog covers the story at Beyond Black Friday, as does Jeremy Greenfield at Digital Book World. If you’re still wavering on signing up for Amazon Prime membership, Jason Calacanis will probably […]