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TKC 416 Mike Shatzkin

Founder and CEO of the Idea Logical Company Interview starts at 8:05 and ends at 34:24 I think it’s possible that we’re going to wake up in three years and say, ‘We just had another black-swan event, which is that all of the big authors that have been developed over the last five years, a […]

TKC 195 Mike Shatzkin

News – 1) Amazon beats financial analysts’ expectations with its first-quarter earnings report. 2) E Ink Holdings, on the other hand, has its first first-quarter loss since 2009, thanks to Amazon’s “digestion” of E Ink screen inventory that exceeded demand for the last quarter of 2011. Thanks to Sri Peruvemba of E Ink Holdings for […]

TKC 194 Doug Lance

News – 1) More commentary on the Department of Justice’s antitrust action against Apple and five publishers over e-book price collusion: Brad Stone and Felix Gillette in Bloomberg Business Week, Mike Shatzkin, and Stephen Windwalker.  2) Kindle Touch 3G goes worldwide sooner than expected, via Andrys Basten. Tech Tip – A comparison of Audible audiobooks […]