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TKC 435 Cynthia Manson

Head of Cynthia Manson Literary Agency  Interview ‪starts at 14:30 and ends at 41:06 “The trick is that if you have an author that is struggling to find that audience, to find that readership–Alan [Russell] is a perfect example, because he always got wonderful reviews, is a fantastic writer, still has a great relationship with […]

TKC 240 Kristin Nelson

President of Nelson Literary Agency, LLC Literary agent for Hugh Howey, author of Wool Interview Starts at 11:35 The reader is having a lot of power, which technically they always have had, because anybody that they love and follow and make big–be it Nora Roberts or John Grisham or Nicholas Sparks or Debbie Macomber–obviously that’s sending a signal […]