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TKC 452 Timothy DeLizza

Author of “Jerry (from accounting)” Interview starts at 14:56 and ends at 45:09 I love what Amazon is doing in terms of giving access to a platform in a kind of populist way. I think that is incredibly helpful. I think the distribution is amazing. It creates new readers. I love the $2 price point […]

TKC 290 Richard Bach

Author of Illusions II: The Adventures of a Reluctant Student and Jonathan Livingston Seagull: The New Complete Edition Interview Starts at 10:30 The wonderful thing about working with Kindle Singles is—Wham!—there it is! It was like meeting a publisher with speed skates. It was just amazing. The ice was just spraying behind the skates and everything […]

TKC 289 David Blum

Editor of Kindle Singles Interview Starts at 16:24  The virtue of Kindle Singles is we don’t say to writers, “Cut for the sake of fitting an ad in.” We cut only for purposes of artistic vision, and similarly we can add for the same reason. Show Notes and Links: News Hugh Howey’s new site, Author Earnings “The […]

TKC 260 Eric McLuhan

Author and his dog, Finnegan Interview Starts at 11:07 I see the alphabet as disappearing, the alphabet itself. It’s designed for something else.  We don’t have a need for the kinds of sensibility that it provides. That is, our new situation doesn’t say, “We need this alphabet. We need this way of imagining the world, of […]

Stephen King’s Essay/Rant about Guns Gets Speedy Publication at Kindle Singles

The press release announcing Stephen King’s new 99-cent Kindle Singles essay, “Guns,” emphasizes how fast a major author can get his or her ideas into wide distribution because of eBook technology and platforms. “King finished this essay last Friday morning, and by that night we had accepted it and scheduled for publication today,” Kindle Singles […]

TKC 191 Margaret Atwood

News – 1) This just in: Reuters reports that a settlement in the anti-trust investigation of Apple and some of the Big 5 Publishers may be reached in a few weeks that would end the so-called agency model of e-book pricing. 2) Scientific American in its 60-second science podcast reports on a survey highlighting advantages young readers […]

TKC 169 David Blum

News – 1) Amazon announces a big jump in sales for the third quarter, but missing Wall Street’s earnings expectations dings the stock price more than a little. Jon Cog remains bullish, and Laura Hazard Owen of PaidContent coins a great term, mathiness, to describe how Jeff Bezos and company report results on Kindle sales. […]

TKC 158 Stephen Marche

News – 1) BYTE’s sources say Whispersync will be the secret sauce for Amazon’s tablet strategy, via an InformationWeek post.  My brief detour to Gilligan’s Island. 2) Jon Cog reflects on Amazon’s quarterly earnings report. 3) Stephen Windwalker‘s experimental non-coverage of the end of an Amazon v. Apple showdown. 4) My review of a new […]