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TKC 298 Molly Hawthorne

Retired Special Ed Teacher and Kindle Reader Interview starts at 19:42 I read The New York Times Book Magazine on Sundays, and I belong to a book group, and there are suggestions there. If I come across anything in the newspaper or whatever, then I check it out. The nice thing is I can get […]

TKC 236 Jaimal Yogis

Author of The Fear Project: What Our Most Primal Emotion Taught Me About Survival, Success, Surfing…and Love Interview Starts at 4:55 Fear is going to be part of all of our lives. But there is a way to relate to it differently and more skillfully, and I know I will be learning about it the rest […]

Next Week’s Interview Takes Us on a Deep Dive Into Fear, with Amazing Benefits

I have interviewed scores of authors about their books for the Kindle Chronicles podcast, but I can’t remember a book that has excited me as much as the one that you will hear about on next week’s show, TKC 236. The author is Jaimal Yogis, and his new book is The Fear Project: What Our Most […]

From Tolstoy, With Love

Is it really going to take a year for me to read a single book? Apparently so, when the book is War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I purchased my 99-cent Kindle copy on February 16, 2012, and I am 79 percent through the novel. I read it at night, when I am trying to fall […]

Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column on Eric Loss’s Adventure

The KND Kindle Chronicles Interview – Two Kindles Before the Mast: It’s Our Gain as Len Edgerly Interviews Eric Loss About Sailing Solo — and Reading eBooks — Around the World in 258 Days As Originally Published at Kindle Nation Daily.   How many Kindles would you take on an eight-month solo sail around the world? […]

Kindle Books Read Round the World by Eric Loss

When Eric Loss set sail from Los Angeles on November 7, 2011, to circle the globe solo in his 37-foot Odyssey, he gave almost as much thought to what he would read as to what he would eat. Since he planned to make the trip nonstop, he brought along approximately 800 cans of food and enough […]