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TKC 373 Dina Hilal

General Manager of Amazon’s Kindle Scout   Interview starts at 16:58 and ends at 44:45 It’s really the best part of the job. There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not either extremely proud as a publisher or really inspired as a human. Intro Agents of Change conference on September 25, 2015, in […]

TKC 364 David Gaughran

Author of Let’s Get Digital and Let’s Get Visible  Interview starts at 16:56 and ends at 44:39  If you look at stores like Barnes and Noble and Kobo and Apple, I don’t think they’ve even caught up to where the Kindle Store was in 2011 or 2012 yet, let alone approaching where it is now […]

TKC 253 Nader Kabbani

Amazon’s Vice President for Independent Publishing Interview Starts at 19:17 Our vision is to have the author publish once and have their consumers read their book everywhere, and everywhere means three things for us: Number one is all geographies in all languages, so we want to help them translate their work in other languages. Hugh Howey […]

New Options for Serious Journalists: How Brian Mockenhaupt’s Powerful Tale of 3 Marines Found an Audience via Byliner

(Cross Post of my Kindle Nation Daily Contributing Editor’s Column) But for eBooks, war fatigue might have kept Brian Mockenhaupt from publishing a story that should never be forgotten. A former Army infantryman who served two tours with the 10th Mountain Division in Iraq, Mockenhaupt is a contributing editor at Reader’s Digest and Esquire and […]

Guven Witteveen Shows How Kindle Publishing Can Open Doors to the Past

Anthropologist Guven Witteveen last week opened my eyes to how much Kindle-accessible history is coming our way through volunteer projects like one he undertook for his local historical society. I met with Witteveen for the Kindle Chronicles interview on October 17th at Schuler Books, a sprawling indie bookstore in Lansing, Michigan. We sat in plush […]

TKC Extra – Make Money with E-Books

This is a recording of the second talk that I gave on August 13, 2011 at the Professional Outdoor Media Association‘s annual conference at the Marriott in Ogden, Utah. The title of this presentation was “Make Money with E-Books.”  You can download the Word document I prepared as a handout here. I discussed the following three writers […]