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TKC 261 James McQuivey

Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Interview Starts at 18:51 As Amazon, you want to say to people, “We really don’t care what device you own. Now, we have a few devices that we’re going to give you that are optimized for your Amazon customer relationship.” It could be an eReader, it could be a […]

Amazon Coins Arrive on Your Kindle Fire

I’m at my parents’ home, without my Kindle Fires, so I can’t check this out personally yet. But Jeff Bezos at Amazon.com’s landing page is announcing that everyone with a Kindle Fire will find 500 Amazon Coins, worth $5, in their account. “You can use the coins to buy apps and games, as well as […]

Why I Love This Ball-Shaped External Speaker for My Kindle Fire

Send to Kindle For the past two months, I have been using an Accessorise (TM) Portable Bluetooth Wireless Mini Speaker System for my Kindle Fire HD 7″. I bought it for $29.99, and it came with free shipping because I have the Amazon Prime membership. It’s a gorgeous little gizmo with a blue decorative band […]

NEWS FLASH: The Yorkie Claire Selects a Winner in the TKC Kindle Fire Sweepstakes!

In this video, you will find out which of the 23 entrants in the Kindle Fire Sweepstakes is our winner. With encouragement from Darlene, our Yorkie Claire actually selected the winning entry from my Harvard cap. The decision of the canine judge is final! If you can’t watch the video and want to know right […]

A Kindle Fire Fan’s First Impressions of the Nexus 7

This is one gorgeous slab of gadget. Right out of the box, the Google Nexus 7 seemed like a new breed of 7-inch cat. Slim, smart, with a soft back, and just slightly lighter than the Kindle Fire. I knew it would be like this. The Fire was introduced almost 10 months ago, and it’s […]

Which 7-Inch Tablet Should You Buy? I’ll Let You Know Soon…

Yesterday I pre-ordered a Nexus 7 tablet, the new big deal from Google. I have what I think of as my Kindle Chronicles Research and Development Fund, and it has enough money in it to spend $199 on the entry-level Nexus. Darlene has a quilting fund. It all evens out, especially since my non-Kindle exploratory […]

Hot Off the Kindle Fire: Doonesbury and Dilbert Exclusives Announced

Amazon this morning announced the arrival of two classic cultural comic-strip heroes in exclusive deals for the Kindle Fire. 40: A Doonesbury Retrospective by Garry Trudeau is available in four volumes, each spanning a decade, from 1970 to 2010. Dilbert 2.0 by Scott Adams is also available in four volumes subtitled  “The Early Years, 1989 to 1993,” […]

TKC 197 James McQuivey

News – 1) International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that the Kindle Fire’s share of the worldwide tablet market tumbled from 16.8 percent in the last quarter of 2011 to just over 4 percent in Q-1 of this year. Geoff Duncan at Digital Trends analyzes the report. 2) Target boots the Kindle. Tech Tip – Tom […]

TKC 191 Margaret Atwood

News – 1) This just in: Reuters reports that a settlement in the anti-trust investigation of Apple and some of the Big 5 Publishers may be reached in a few weeks that would end the so-called agency model of e-book pricing. 2) Scientific American in its 60-second science podcast reports on a survey highlighting advantages young readers […]

TKC 189 South by Southwest Interactive

Intro – Omar L. Gallaga reports that South by Southwest Interactive registration this year was up nearly 27 percent compared to last year, to a total of 24,569. News – 1) Amazon updates Kindle for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch just in time for the arrival of the iPad – 3rd generation. Is the screen better […]