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TKC 265 Jane Friedman of Open Road Media

Co-founder and CEO of Open Road Integrated Media  Interview Starts at 10:15 The words of the author are the most significant part of this whole world. What we need is just to make sure that those words are received in whatever format the consumer wants to receive them. Show Notes and Links: News “Report: Kindle Fire […]

TKC 264 Stephen Windwalker

Creator of Kindle Nation Daily and BookGorilla Interview Starts at 7:42 We’re seeing very fierce price competition between all players. Your well-known, top-tier bestselling authors–their publishers are competing with self-published books, indie published books, at price points all the way from not only $9.99 but $7.49 down to a dollar, two dollars, $2.99. It’s just providing an incredibly interesting set of […]

TKC 256 Gabra Zackman

Actress and Audible.com narrator Interview Starts at 24:45 I think the experience of reading a book oneself and listening to it are profoundly different. I will say that I do think the narrator of an audiobook becomes an incredibly important part of the experience. And I know so many wonderful craftspeople in the field, but I […]

Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media Now Available on Kindle

I’ve always wished I could sit down with the late Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) and ask him about the meaning of eBooks. Alas, that’s not possible. But at least I can now read his masterpiece, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, on my Kindle. The publication date at Amazon.com is listed as June 14, 2013 by […]

TKC 227 Evan Ratliff

Evan Ratliff, cofounder, CEO and editor of Atavist Interview starts at 18:53 We publish through the Kindle Singles program, usually. Our stories are all nonfiction. They are between 5,000 and 30,000 words, and they generally cost about $1.99….By nonfiction narrative we usually mean stories that are either some sort of adventure or mystery–some set of […]

TKC 224 Brian Mockenhaupt

News - 1) First impressions of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9“. 2) The Waterstones-Kindle partnership unfolds in the U.K. with a free hour of reading eBooks in the stores. CORRECTION 11/17/12- Eolake Stobblehouse points out that I probably was not comparing apples with apples in my video comparison of the iPad 3 and the Fire HD […]

Here’s Why Chris Brogan, co-author of The Impact Equation, Plans to Read Only 3 Books in the Next 12 Months

(Cross Post of my Kindle Nation Daily contributing editor’s column) November 2, 1012 Three books? 12 months? For most Kindle Nation readers or Kindle Chronicles listeners, it’s hard to imagine such a choice. But which ones would you choose? In my case, it may take another year for me to finish Tolstoy’s War and Peace at […]

Literary Startup Plympton Plays Key Role in Kindle Serials: Cross-Post of My Kindle Nation Daily Column

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily Link October 5, 2012 Welcome to the Third Layer of Publishing. That his how Jennifer 8. Lee, Co-Founder and President of Plympton, a literary startup creating serial fiction for digital readers, refers to the emerging alternative to major publishers and uncurated online markets. I learned more about the third layer […]

Kindle Books: Unbound Is a Brand New Way of Connecting Readers and Authors: Cross-Post from Kindle Nation Daily

Click here for Kindle Nation Daily Link August 31, 2012 What if you could subscribe to an author’s next book before he or she writes it– providing encouragement, receiving updates on how it’s going, and meeting other supporters? And what if, in return for your pledged support, your name appeared in the published book as […]

Kindle Bargains Galore on One-Year Anniversary of Kindle Daily Deal

It’s hard to believe it was only a year ago that Amazon launched the Kindle Daily Deal. I always check the email each morning announcing the deal, and I end up buying probably one out of ten of them. Today they’re celebrating the anniversary by re-offering 25 of the Daily Deals, at $1.99 each. The […]