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TKC 413 Publishing Visionary Jane Friedman

Co-Founder, Chairman and Executive Publisher of Open Road Integrated Media   Interview starts at 15:17 and ends at 44:11 I do not think that the world of print survived and now will thrive at the expense of eBooks. I think eBooks will coexist with print, which I think is the best of all possible worlds. […]

TKC 390 Jane Friedman

Helping authors and publishers flourish in the digital age   Interview starts at 14:20 and ends at 44:34 This question has become a little bit of a litmus test in the writing and publishing community. It’s almost interesting to talk about how other people react very viscerally to Amazon as a good or bad influence or factor. […]

TKC 265 Jane Friedman of Open Road Media

Co-founder and CEO of Open Road Integrated Media  Interview Starts at 10:15 The words of the author are the most significant part of this whole world. What we need is just to make sure that those words are received in whatever format the consumer wants to receive them. Show Notes and Links: News “Report: Kindle Fire […]

TKC 147 Peter Meyers

News – 1) Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos with just two words – “stay tuned” – pretty much confirms that Amazon is about to launch its own general-purpose tablet computer, but he also affirms a continuing role for a Kindle-like device devoted to book reading. Click here for video of his conversation at Consumer Reports.  2) […]