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TKC 201 Russ Grandinetti

News – Voices of BookExpo America: Joshua Tallent of eBook Architects (which is hiring – contact them if you are an eBook developer interested in a position with a growing business based in scenic Austin, Texas) and the eBook Ninjas podcast; Jon Land, author of Strong Vengeance, a Caitlin Strong Novel, on Digital Rights Management, and Benjamin […]

TKC 100 Darlene

Pastor Mark Pierce of Church Requel gets us off to a centennial-style start with a creative audio tribute. Thanks, Mark!

News – Amazon updates its Kindle for iPad application to version 2.1 and posts a manual download for the new Kindle software, 2.5.2 .

Tech Tip – More about Instapaper, courtesy of listener Joel Anderson.

Interview – My wife Darlene (and Claire) return to the podcast to celebrate 100 episodes and consider the benefits of Collections and what a serious reader needs next from the Kindle.

Content – Paul Biba and ResourceShelf highlight OpenLibrary’s new Kindle connection.

Comments – Audio from Jim Jones, Bob Anderson with feedback on TKC content, Craig Scarberry on dictionaries and iPad apps, Tony Roberts with a couple of items from past episodes that rubbed him the wrong way, Andrys Basten on speculation about a low-low-low-priced Kindle, and Linda Hopkins on TKC 200.

Thanks to Brett McNeill, Alan Rose, Jim Jones, and Karen Haagland for joining me for the TKC 100 Call-in Show on BlogTalkRadio on June 16!

TKC 81 James McQuivey

News – Amazon says it will have to capitulate to Macmillan, but when? Five days after its notice of capitulation, at least two best-selling Macmillan books still have no Buy buttons at Amazon.

UPDATE: Just after recording the episode, I checked Amazon for Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel, and it’s now available in hardcover for $13.46. No Kindle edition at any price.

Forrester’s James McQuivey says that by capitulating Amazon actually wins in the short term and long term. Dave Slusher of Evil Genius Chronicles echoes a twitterer’s question — “How does increased competition (Apple’s iBooks to Amazon) result in higher prices to consumers?” — and adds, “That, sir, is an excellent question and one worth thinking about.” Or do Amazon simply look like fools?

News item #2: Amazon reportedly buys a touchscreen maker.

News item #3: 93 percent of these eReader owners are very or somewhat satisfied with their devices.

Tech tip – Via Andrys Basten’s Kindleworld, Steve Brady’s (aka The Professor) Word macro (Windows only) that might bring some order to your My Clippings file. To see your highlights and notes online, click here.

Interview – The conclusion of my conversation on February 1, 2010, with James McQuivey, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, where he covers media technology. In this part, James describes what his Forrester associates are calling “The Kindle Flame.” That’s the next version of Kindle, the one that will really get the fire going.

Content – Instapaper just keeps getting better for Kindle users.

Your comments – Lots more discussion of the Apple iPad, and a way for authors to autograph Kindles!

TKC 52 Suzanne Levin

News – An Orwellian development rocks the Kindlesphere. Amazon changes its mind about replacing cracked Kindles. Encouraging data indicates that the $9.99 price for new releases is holding its own. Be sure to ask for your $60 refund if you bought a Kindle up to 30 days before the price dropped.

Tech Tip – A comparison of Instapaper and Hatchetapp and how to move web content to your Kindle for free, with a hat tip to Heather Hollick. You can follow Hatchetapp on Twitter here, and Instapaper here. For an earlier tech tip on Instpaper, click here. For PC users looking for a way to download web content as PDFs, try this, this, or this – courtesy of Linda Hopkins. Or, from Bob Hare, try this, this, or this. For my testing, I used this article from the New York Review of Books.

Interview – Suzanne Levin, creator of the Chick with Books blog, comes out of the closet as a book AND Kindle lover.

Kindle Content – The Works of John Witherspoon and a whole lot of free Kindle books, courtesy of Stephen Windwalker’s Kindle Nation. Plus (not mentioned on the podcast), Free really IS free for a limited time on Kindle. Click here for Steve’s “Religion and Spirituality” freebies.

Your Comments – Greg Montague, Woody Woodward on Yahoo Mobile, Dan Barnett on Blackboard’s new Kindle link, Jake Pippin, Rebecca Robertson, Lu Hood, and Blair Slavin.

34 Brent Evans

News – l. No more free ride on email translations to Kindle format?  2. CNETt’s David Carnoy offers a sane overview of criticisms of the Kindle 2’s text contrast compared with that of the Kindle 1. Tech Tip – How to use Instapaper for convenient transfer of content from the web to your Kindle. Interview […]