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TKC 393 Len Vlahos

Chief Executive Officer of The Tattered Cover Book Stores Interview starts at 10:03 and ends at 42:09 I think it would be interesting for independent booksellers to experiment with selling eBooks directly, because it’s become much less device-centric. Tablets have in some ways normalized that world, and the notion that someone could build an open-source eReader app and […]

TKC 287 Hugh Howey

Author of Peace in Amber Interview Starts at 20:51 This is a case where I had two fears operating against me. One, I was writing in the world of Kurt Vonnegut, and the other was writing about 9/11. I don’t think I could have done either one without the other fear offsetting it. Show Notes and […]

TKC 240 Kristin Nelson

President of Nelson Literary Agency, LLC Literary agent for Hugh Howey, author of Wool Interview Starts at 11:35 The reader is having a lot of power, which technically they always have had, because anybody that they love and follow and make big–be it Nora Roberts or John Grisham or Nicholas Sparks or Debbie Macomber–obviously that’s sending a signal […]